When I made this image, I called it “Fading out”
But I have a sense it would fit with “Partners” as well. Fading out and fading in. Plain and colorful. Soft and rough. Opposites that have to go together to make a complete reflexion. A coherent whole!

IMG_1877 1200px

And apropos creating images! Just the other day I took the daring step to let print two of my images. I ordered them directly from Picture/Apple as posters, in the stunning size of 40 x 50 centimeter. O_o
I just wanted to see what they’ll look like in real life! On paper! How big is 40 times 50 anyway?

I have a dream of gathering my best pieces on an exhibition. Perhaps next time when we have this shared exhibition at the Cafeteria, so I wont have to show too many objects. It’s quite expensive with canvas prints, frames et cetera.

You know… Everything starts with a dream, and without dreams – no reality!

These two are the first ones I chose to see if this dream of mine is possible to realize. You see, I have my ideas what I’ll do with them to become “real” images/objects! It’s not enough just to have them printed as they are now. I have a couple of ideas… And I just have to try!

Skärmavbild 2016-06-28 kl. 20.33.09

I’m supposed to get the prints tuesday or wednesday next week. I’m both nervous and excited about it.

And then I’ll experiment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


4 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Hello, it is interesting contribution to this week’s photo challenge. Beautiful pictures.Well done 🙂 I bet your dreams will come true. Keep the good work..


    1. Thank you, Petra! I hope so too. Will be interesting if I can make anything of me with my images or if I solely will stick to writing. 😃

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