I have three blogs on the same WP-account.

I have this one, Words & Pics, which for a long time has been the primary blog. If I leave a comment somewhere and you click on the link there, you’ll end up here. Up till now, that is!

I have Small Kitchen – more for you, my readers, to get inspired, then to get proper recipes. I’m totally lousy when it comes to write recipes. And to follow, for that matter. I had also intended to write about food, about nutrition, about HEALTHY FOOD! – But I never seem to get along with that… So far…

And I have my Swedish blog, Min ostyriga penna – (My uncontrollable Pen, is the closest translation to that. Or is it better with: My disorderly Pen? HAHAHA!)
Anyhow, I have decided to write more on that blog, and hopefully get more readers as well. The tagline is: Om livet som det är och om att starta om på nytt – Which is something like: “About life as it is, and about how to start it fresh”  (Oh gosh! What a lousy translation! But you get the idea, don’t you?”)

And I’m now – simply speaking – just making my Swedish blog the primary one!

Consequences? As far as I know, only that when you click on my link at some comment I’ve written ON SOME OTHER BLOG THAN THIS, you’ll end up on my Swedish blog instead of on this one. And over there I’ve already added a widget with the link, for you to click on and come over here.

It’s actually the same as now, mais au contraire…

What I’ll write about? Mainly about how to create a new life after retirement and  – more important – after the mental burnout. This also includes starting to write fiction again! I lost that due to the burnout, and I want that ability back!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT And to read, to meet people, to… start living my life again!!!
Yes of course I could do that here as well, writing in English; and I will keep on writing and posting here! I just want to write in Swedish too! And hopefully get more friends there, here, closer to where I live! I would love to have more friends, in real life. I’m way too lonely as it is. I long for friends!

So. Yes! I’m reaching out here!

A little bit of everything
A little bit of everything

4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. This describes why I won’t have more than one site at a time, complications will eventually pop up when running more than one.


    1. Yes, there can be complications. But more so if you have them on different accounts!

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  2. good luck in this new stage!!


    1. Thank you so much! 🤓


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