Beauty and joy

Jubilant and thankful! For the summer, the richness of the nature, the beauty. Life. Creativity. Fantasy. Love. Being thankful never stops!

Maybe even for catching a cold? A real cold for once with all normal ingrediences! Though it isn’t particularly fun to spend days in bed instead of on the bike or on the patio, reading or writing. But it will pass!


Sunday afternoon when this cold begun, I got a very distinct feeling this cold was actually very good for me. That it was helping my body to set things right. Help it heal further, both psychologically and physically. Living with stress for years and years isn’t good at all, and I’m realizing more and more that things happens when the stress is gone! A lot of things are happening in the body because of the release!

There are hours and days with total peace and happiness, feeling relaxed and enjoying life. But also hours and days with depressive symptoms, crying, fatigue, anger, despair. And that sore throat/bronchitis thing for more than a month. The ischial pain down the leg that is still haunting me. And days in between not feeling good at all. And now this cold. The whole thing is surprising, fantastic, awful, wonderful…

What makes me going, even through the bad days, is that I know I’m going through a huge change. And during a change – or a healing process of any kind – one does feel worse before it’s settling down and one starts to feel better more permanently. So – actually – I’m getting better!

AND! This cold now shows that my immunesystem is now functioning as it’s supposed to do. It’s reacting normally! This is the proper way to handle a virus infction! With fever and all! And hopefully for no more than a week or so.


The pictures are from my “bikewalk” this Sunday, before the cold.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant



2 thoughts on “Beauty and joy

  1. Love the little purple flowers; beautiful.


    1. Yes they are beautiful! I think they are called “Common dog-violet” in English

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