Late – but too late?

This picture is painted by a friend of mine who is a REAL artist. Not like me who just is a wanna-be… hehe… (better that, than not wanting anything at all.) She is an excellent photographer, and gifted painter, and… and… she is so VERSATILE! She even runs a gallery here in town!

I don’t know what made me be hooked on this particular painting a couple of years ago, but I was! And I bought it! And now it’s hanging on my wall! And I like it! And I have absolutely no idea what it is in this woman’s expression that catches me so much.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

And now it’s time to ponder the next Challenge: Jubilant.
Oh my gosh! I’ve better check my dictionary first, so I know what that word means.
Is it f.ex a person who turns 80? Or something?