As usual – the camera is my iPhone 5
As mostly – edited in Pixlr. Cropped the original photo to less than a fourth
And to  this, today, some painting had to be done in Photoshop Elements 10 – ay ay ay!
Haven’t even the faintest remembrance of what overlays I used in pixlr… it died as soon as I left that editor…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face


3 thoughts on “Face

  1. I think it is great that you can take a pic with your iphone and with photoshop transpose the picture into an award winning photo.. Some people spend thousands of dollars on lenses and a camera along with high price software to acheive what you just did.. Great Work !!!!!!


    1. Oh gosh! How nice of you to say so! Thank you so ver very much!
      And I really like the pixlr editor – which one can get for no money at all. Not to mention how much I enjoy creating my images!

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