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That’s today, I mean, May 10th, but five years ago.
It was a mere coincidence! If there is such a thing…

I browsed my photos a couple of days ago and picked some that could do well to “Earth”. And now when I had edited this one, considered myself to be satisfied with the outcome, and drag it into WP – that’s the moment I realized todays date is May 10th. Just like the day I took this photo 2011.

What I mean by this chit-chat? Well! Nothing really. At least I don’t think so. It was, and is, a lovely day. But I haven’t been out in the woods and seen any anemones this year. Yet. So much to do, so little time…
(Just kidding…)

10 maj 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth


9 thoughts on “Up to date

  1. Excellent photograph. And… I like the way your thought process works…



    1. Thank you Galen! Well! I think… I’ve always… felt… a bit… odd… 😛


  2. how cool of the timing on May 10th from both years (spooky cool!!)


    1. Yeah! I agree! A bit spooky!

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  3. Åh- där skulle jag vilja gå! Vad vackert det ser ut!


    1. Det finns många fina ställen i naturen här ikring. Men det tycker jag det gör uppe i stockholmstrakten också.

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      1. Ja, det finns underbara plaster här i huvudstaden!


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