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Vem kan motstå?

Min ostyriga Penna

… färsk vitkål! Inte jag.

Idag blev det i en sallad – i morgon kanske wokad med vitlök, kummin och knaprigt bacon.

Mat! Märker att mitt liv kretsar en hel del kring mat. Inte i att äta stup i kvarten eller att jag mer eller mindre konstant tänker på mat i syftet att äta, men i betydelsen intresse för mat. Intresse för hälsosam mat, för vad dålig mat orsakar för sjukdomar och även psykiska problem.

IMG_6715Mat är inte längre bara mat. Mat är ett intresse för multiglobala företag i syfte att göra folk beroende, av att öka sin vinst, av att bli rika. Därför tillsätts ämnen i maten, socker inte minst, och därför odlas grödan på olika sätt så att det ska bli större skördar = mer pengar. Kanske, kanske inte för odlaren, men definitivt för det multiglobala företaget.

Sådana som Monsanto som tillverkar ett av världens starkaste och mest cancerogena gifter…

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13 thoughts on “Vem kan motstå…

  1. It has always been interesting to me that most large supermarkets here have a small “health food” section. That is a very obvious indicator as to the quality of food they offer for sale in the rest of the store!


    1. Yes, it might be! I don’t know where you live, but at least here in Sweden where I live, we have a pretty good mixture of “ordinary” and health/organic food. Especially when it comes to the fruit- and vegetable department.
      And when it comes to food like gluten-free and such, it’s easier to find when it’s gathered together.
      But I agree with you! ALL food should be nutritious and healthy! And preferably also organic and Fair trade.

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    1. Oh I know! I get completely lost with most languages in the world. I’m not even sure I know what your native language is called! Tamil???
      So thank God there is English! 🤓
      Well! That post was something about good food, and bad food… Or something like that. I had grilled chicken that day though, THAT I remember fot sure.
      And I really DO appriciate you visiting also my Swedish blog. Thank you! 😃🙋

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        1. Tagalog! I knew I had read that word somewhere sometime. Probably on your blog.
          Nowadays, and since the fifties or sixxties, everyone here learns English at school. But no one actually speaks it on daily basis – unless they meet someone that doesn’t speak swedish. Or have to, because of work, for example.

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          1. Our business language herr is English. Actually, our language has evolved combining lots of english words in our native language. I think there’s no more pure tagalog here. Hahaha!


          2. Yes, business language is English here as well. But there might be some spanish, french or german as well. Depending on what trade those companies have.
            But here too english words sneak in and take place. But not that much that people more or less speak english in their daily life. It’s more like one word here and one word there becomes common. Kind of getting imported. And over quite some time.
            If one starts to investigate in language history, one soon realizes that many words we consider to be pure swedish, actually originates from greek, latin, french, german or others languages. It’s very interesting how even languages develop, change and grow through – migration! If that is the best word for it. 😉
            And I think those changes are much faster now thanks to media, internet etc. Blogging – and dare to blog in english instead of swedish. (f.ex)
            The world seems both to be smaller and bigger this way

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