What is this thing called Love?

A feeling?
A way of being?
Caring for family and friends?
Our children?

Jesus said, we should love everyone. Everyone without exception!
“Yes”, some christian people I know say, “but not…” and after that comes, mostly, the word “homosexuals”.

We talk about unconditional love.
How difficult it is to show – to feel – to be – unconditional love! To feel love for the beggars, the handicapped, the sick, the criminals, the “odd”, the fat, the thin, the poor, the rich, to those people on the other side of ourselves! Those with different skin color, hair color, religion, culture and custom…
To love without prejudice against, without excluding, without trying to change. Just love! And see God in everything, in everyone.

Some Christians say: “I love my family, that’s the most important. And then my friends.”
Jesus didn’t say that. He said: “Do as I do! Love everyone! See everyone, even the smallest ones! Then you also see me!”

Loving family, friends, cute kids, puppies and kittens is easy.

My dilemma now, is how to express unconditional, eternal love in a picture.
I don’t know how!

What I know, is that it’s light! I know it’s bright colors!
I know the feeling, the warmth, the breathtaking joy in my heart!
I feel it when I look at The Little One, when I hear beautiful music, when I dwell in the first warm days of springtime; with birds singing and the air having this fragrance of moist, fertile soil, soon-opening buds and new life.
I feel it when I create a new image or write something that comes from deep inside of me.

And sometimes – just because I am.

I tried to make an image with bright light and colors, but it shows almost nothing of what this enormous love is. It’s just a pale reflection. And whoever could make a picture of the purest love of all? Whoever could make a true picture of God?
Love is spiritual, not material.

But we can try! Even though the colors get lost; even when the light we put into it doesn’t show it as bright as it really is. As we know in our hearts it is.
Yes! We can try again… and again… and again… As many times as we need.

Because love is all there is!


The picture is from my travel to Stockholm. With less than an hour remaining the train stopped due to some signal-problems.
A road parallel to the rails, snow – and a hint of sunset over a lake… 

We entered Stockholm 50 minutes late…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One love

4 thoughts on “What is this thing called Love?

  1. A beautiful post – yes it is hard to express love in images.


    1. Thank you! Oh I agree, and with words isn’t that easy either.


  2. Loved this post. God is our ultimate depiction of love, and without him the world is in chaos. When I think of love I think of compassion, helping those in need.


    1. Thank you!
      God is love! And without her neither we nor the universe would exist.
      I also think of acceptance.

      Liked by 1 person

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