Stills from a five-hour train journey

Just a few. The train-windows were very dirty, and the time I spent at the station in Gothenburg was too short to go photographing. Too dull weather as well. Snow-rain, snow – just gray. All the way to my destination.

The goal was Stockholm! Visiting. Should have been some touristing, but my family had had a nasty cold. The Little One had also suffered from pneumonia with high temperature and had to make an acute visit to the hospital a week before I arrived. He got antibiotics and was fairly okay when I came, but his mom an dad still had a sore throat. We thought it wouldn’t affect me any longer, but we were wrong.

Now I’m home again, earlier than planned sorry to say, with sore throat and all the other typical symptoms. In bed. Well, at daytime in the sofa… coughing… sneezing… snuffling… you know…

It’s very boring.

And overall I didn’t take that many photos… 😦

Well… 4 out of 5 photos are from Gothenburgh…

I mostly travel First class, and if possible in a quiet saloon, but on the way home I had to take what was offered as “last-minutes-ticket”. It means Second class. Not quite as comfortable, but instead I met and talked to some nice people.
Just so that you know. Nothing is actually wrong.
Just different.

At the stop in Gothenburgh I briefly wondered if I should dare to enter that train. But the icy snow around the wheels seemed to fall off after a while. 


6 thoughts on “Stills from a five-hour train journey

  1. Fina bilder som alltid….krya på,dig Ninna! 👍


    1. Tack, Rabbis! Nå, nån gång per vinter ska man väl ha en brakförkylning. 😉

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  2. Great photos. Take care


  3. these photo images are great. i can’t believe all that snow on that train! may you feel better soooooon! xx


    1. Thank you, Kris! I got quite stunned myself when I saw all that snow packed up under the train. Later on I realized it had been a rather severe snowstorm north east from Gothenburgh, almost all the way to Stockholm.
      I sure do hope too, I’ll soon get better. Can’t even remember the last time I had a cold like this. 😫


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