… and then came the snow

Today is Februari 18th, the same date as the day this photo was taken eight years ago.
I don’t remember how cold it was that day, but the weather has been the same as then for several days now. No snow. Blue sky. Sun shining! Some clouds but overall very lovely.

But cold! Below zero. My face felt like ice while I was biking downtown.
Then late yesterday evening it started to snow.

Luckily not much, a couple of centimeters only. And today it has been just about mild enough to start melting the snow. I sincerely hope I won’t get into any ice-trouble tomorrow. I have an appointment with my dentist. The last one for now, and I don’t want to miss it. It would only prolong the story.

I almost wrote “the pain” here, but it would be a lie. It doesn’t have to hurt. I’m just totally fed up with sitting in that chair. Been there so many times now. Four times for the root canal only…

Carl Larsson - The yard and the house
Carl Larsson – The yard and the house
Edward Hopper – Nighthawks

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life imitates art



9 thoughts on “… and then came the snow

  1. Good luck with the dentist – I saw a lot of my dentists last year – for a tooth implant but it was worth it. I know how you feel with root canals too – been there done that.
    Beautiful photos and take care.


    1. Thank you, Raewyn! It will be wonderful in a couple of hours when all these dentist-appointments are over and done with. At least for the time being. For at least about half a year, anyway, and then it will hopefully be no problems. Just a check-up.


  2. I love how you streamlined this post! The snow effect was my favorite – and the opening with the photo from 8 years ago was a nice start!


    1. Thanks! 😀 It just hit me that day, I was managing my photos, that it was exactly the same date.

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        1. Nahhh… just one of those incidents that more or less always comes around – and I got an idea for a blog post

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    2. I liked the snow-picture too. O_o


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