I can also do it! Can’t I?

This is Carl Larsson. A Swedish painter. And his kitchen. It’s huge and it’s colorful! The house he lived in is huge. I’ve seen it. From the outside. It was in the midsst of the summer and vacation time and lots and lots of tourists (breath!) and there was a hugely long queue waiting to come in and see the interior. We – I and my friend – didn’t want to wait that long for our turn. We left for some other place.

Carl Larsson himself was huge! Still is. A gifted painter and as such very well known. He died in 1919 but people still love his paintings, visit the house where he lived for a “look-around”, and overall get inspired and feel nostalgic by his paintings.

I agree! There’s some huge dosis of pure nostalgia in his works. Romantic.

I don’t know who painted the walls in their home, but his wife created all the interior decorations. That I know. Painted furnitures, wove drapes, sewed, needled, whatever it takes to create textiles and other things – Yeah, she created the entire house, so to speak!
Except, then, for the paintings, ha ha. That was his area. And he was the one who became very well known. Okay! Nowadays also she gets credit for her skills. (Womens lib….)

This is my kitchen! Yes! All of it is my kitchen!
It’s puny, and almost all white. So I added some extra starlight and sunshine to it. On the photos, that is. And I can do that over and over again if I want to!
I don’t get paid to do so, but my reward is nevertheless huge. I feel good

C.L. painted oils, watercolors, and frescoes. On canvas – and obviously on walls.
I “paint” photos with some or another editing program. Hardly ever print them. At least  not so far.
I can’t even draw a straight line with my hands. Not to mention curves. But I can use my Macbook – and my soon to be – iMac!!!! YIEEAHOOOOOOOO

C.L. is well known
Well… I’m… not… but those whom I care for, knows me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life imitates art



9 thoughts on “I can also do it! Can’t I?

  1. I really like this post! What a beautiful kitchen you have. 🙂 I love your plants and your fridge door. Did you do it yourself?
    And thank you for introducing me to this painter. Wonderful!


    1. Thank you! I did it all with the photo editing app, I didn’t actally paint the door. Nor nothing else in the IRL kitchen. That’s all white!
      That’s what I do! Change ordinary photos into colorful images! 😉

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      1. Oh, that’s right! I knew you changed things, but I thought the door was like that 🙂 Wonderful! Keep on, Ninna!


        1. You know! When I added that sticker to the photo, I thought of how it would be to have one like this on the real fridge, but on the upper door then.
          Thank you, Sandra! 😀


  2. I love the kitchen edits you crafted! The black and white had a nice calm amidst the different versions – but they all went well in a series –
    Also – CL’s self portraits say something about his playful side!


    1. I almost never make anything monochrome or in black&white, but this… it kind of made something else of my kitchen
      I think he might have been some kind of male chauvinist. I DON’T say he was mean or something like that, just that he was the MAN! And kind and loving!
      But what could a “big” man do, without a skillful woman by his side! And that goes for many more than C.L.

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      1. Well said Ninna!!


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