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Today is a good time

It began well. Didn’t it?
A while ago I found myself blogging again – with words! Not almost only with images! And a little bit more often. I felt good! (and when I feel bad, I feel even better….) (NO I DON’T!) O_o

timeSo it stopped! Nothing wrong with that! I just realized I have lots of work to do. And that’s SOOOOO typical! I still do all the graphic design things for my church, and it’s always everything at once. Or nothing. So February will be cluttered with posters and a couple of small leaflets and the quarterly program-leaflet with 12 pages…
AND a couple of logotypes!!! As far as I know for now…

And I have just been so wonderfully bone-idle! For about 10 days I had absolutely nothing to do! If I didn’t want to.
But I admit. Now it’s good to be around in business again. And since I do most of the work from home – and the pastor and his wife are in Kongo Brazzaville the entire month so he wont come up with any ideas – I still have a good time going!

Today it’s raining. A very gray, dull day. When I woke up this morning, or rather when I finally went out of bed and opened the blinds, there were some snow on the ground. Now it’s gone, but it was undoubtedly a reminder it’s still winter. It’s just unusually mild. But I don’t mind! On the contrary! It’s easier to walk and bike, and I pretend it’s already spring.

Except for today, that is. Today, I think, I’ll stay indoors. Do some work on one of the small leaftlets, make the posters for next Saturday Luncheon music and Sunday sermon, and then occupy myself with the blogs. Take a nap after lunch perhaps, and do some reading. But King’s “Under the dome” is heavy. Literally! 1200 pages. Not exactly the book one reads in bed before going to sleep. Then I have a gathering I want to participate in tomorrow, and a business meeting on friday.

So today is a good day! Thanks for the grayness and the rain!

Yesterday was a soft day. Mild and distant. Peaceful. Strolled down the “Memory lane” in the church yard. It’s beautiful there. Also when it’s slightly foggy.
Today is a good time to be in. Today is now.
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