Ninna goes vegan

and that’s about time…

… and as much raw food as I – my stomach – can handle.

But I have to learn more about vegan cooking. I can’t only eat sallads and lentil soups. And I have run out of ideas, though I’m not a stranger to vegetarian cooking. Not at all. But to stop eating eggs is probably the most difficult part. I must give myself a period of adjustment.

IMG_6311But I have my health to think about, eating the right food is essential, and now is a good time to change habits. Luckily I already neither eat diary products nor anything with wheat and rye, and I use almost no sugar – and never white. I have also been eating less and less meat, and this christmas when I DID eat meat – it became obvious to me meat isn’t my kind af food.

IMG_6312At first I browsed youtube for health videos, actually have done so for a while, and just the other day I stumbled upon a young women who also recommended a really good vegan website. And, Yes! That one seems to be a very nice site, indeed, and I’ll keep on looking for inspiration there – as well as recipes – and also for more tips on Youtube.

Link to Ella here on her logo:



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14 thoughts on “Ninna goes vegan

  1. You’re a vegan now, ninna? No more dairy products for you like milk, bread, cakes, and ice cream. Don’t worry, my niece, who is a vegan, once told me that there are “dairy products” made of veggies. 🙂


    • Oh I don’t worry a bit! I havn’t eaten cheese and such for quite some time now. A year. Maybe two. Milk in coffee lastet the longest, I kept falling for that since it tastes so good, despite my stomach doesnt agree. And bread etc I havn’t eaten for… How long? Twenty years, something! Meat etcetera? No problem
      Milk of coconut, almond, sesameseeds etc, I’ve used to and fro for even longer. it’s only eggs that are the issue, that I have to find something else to use instead. But no big deal. It’s mostly laziness – and I guess these last two odd stressful years have taken all my energy so haven’t been able to focus on much else than to cope with the daily life.
      So this decision is more for me to go back to what I used to do, and who I used to be (so to speak) – and to regain a more healthy life!

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  2. I was able to convert my creamy potato soup to vegan, and also lasagna. It is a challenge, but there are tons of resources out there. Cooking with Plants on youtube is one.


    • There are tons of possibilities out there! When I first started to eat more vegetarian some 30 years ago, you could hardly even get a sallad when eating out. Okay! I’m exaggerating, but it sure is difference now. It’s more habits that has to be changed.

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  4. Vad duktig du är med kosten! Borde ta mig en funderare- samtidigt som jag tycker att det nästan är det enda roliga onyttiga kvar som man klarar av att göra! Att äta alltså! 😉


    • Jomen äter gör man!!!!! Absolut! Bara lite andra saker…. har du provat nån raw food restaurang nån gång? Där finns fantastiskt mumsiga saker

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      • Man skäms nästan att säga det, men nej- aldrig någon raw food- i alla fall inte som jag vet om. Men det kanske man skulle testa! Har du något ställe här uppe som du känner till?


        • Tekniskt sett så är ju sallader – vegetariska – raw food, men det finns mycket mer. Och som vegan kan man utan vidare göra grytor 0ch allt möjligt annat som är tillagat och varmt.
          Nej jag vet inte, men jag kan fråga Linda!


        • Det ligger en vegetarisk restaurang på Stora Nygatan i Gamla stan, Linda har för sig den heter Hermitage. Sen visste hon inte mer så där spontant. Men det kan ju vara ett trevligt ställe att börja testa lite vegetariskt på. Dit skulle jag vilja gå nästa gång jag är i Stockholm.

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