To color my world

Those of you who have followed me for some time, have probably noticed that I change the appearance on the blog now and then. I do it ’cause I think it’s fun. I can’t resist to give new themes a try-out. I’ve always done that.

datortant transparantFor about nine years I have blogged about various topics, mostly about reading and writing – and food and health, and I don’t know how many blogs I’ve created and managed during the years. Mostly for myself, but once in a while also for others. I’ve also made websites – for myself and for others. But it is the customizing of layouts and colors that intrigues me the most. (I’m not particularly good at the technical aspects of making websites, blogs et cetera. Actually – it makes me nervous trying to understand that part.)

This time, I mainly tried to find a new layout here because of the changes in my life. The leaving behind-stuff/the beginning of something new-stuff…  Who am I? What will I do for the rest of my life? What is it I want to focus on here on the blog and what do I want to share with you? I’m trying to figure that out, and so far I can feel I want to write more – about various topics – but not let go of the pictures.

First the appearance of the blog. I needed something new. Something fresh. I got curious about one of the newest themes, Orvis. As default it has a dark gray background and the demo showes you can have your portfolio set as a static home-page. Really beautiful! A dark background enhances photos very well.
Done! I activated the theme and I updated the projects I have to make a portfolio.


Sometimes I know something is wrong, though I can’t explain what it is. Not even to myself! I just feel it! And one day when I browsed WPC-blogs, I encountered a couple of blogs that really hit my gut. The looks of them! I immidiately realized, remembered: I AM NOT A DARK GRAY PERSON!

I’m not a purely white person either! I may admire these lean clean white blogs, but I don’t feel comfortable to have a pure white blog! I want brightness and colors! I need light and colors!!!

Skärmavbild 2016-02-01 kl. 14.41.01So the first step was to go back to the theme I had before the dark gray one, Toujours, and instead of having pale discreet background- and accent colors, I dared myself to add more vibrant colors to match and enhance the whiteness.
I also tried to make a header image of my own – without using a photo – which I also admire on other blogs. I had for a long time absolutely no idea what it would look like, I found it really difficult to figure out what I wanted, and I’m not sure this one is “IT”. But I hope it’ll came out good in the end. 😉

Then maybe the hardest of all. To find the best possible theme for my “new” blog. And I wanted this. (At least I’ve learnt what I want concerning blogs.)

  • One column, but the text part mustn’t be too wide. Readability! It’s harder to read texts set in wide columns.
  • Widgets in the footer and only there.
  • Featured images, which are bigger than those in the post – but not too big.
  • Possibility to choose background color and more than one accent color, preferably all four of them, but the main column background color must be white. Pure white! Not grayish or anything.
  • Header with the same width as the column, that is – the image should fill it from edge to edge. And that doesn’t turn darker or misty och change color or something… Just plain being there!

Anything else? Well! I do have some wishes about how the different texts will appear in interaction with each other. Headings, bread text (paragraph), preformatted, but I guess I have to accept not getting all of my wishes. Since I don’t want to build the entire blog from the very beginning… html… would take much too long time…

Skärmavbild 2016-02-01 kl. 17.14.28After some fast checking one theme after the other, I found this! The McKinley theme! And it seems quite alright! At least I think so for now.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-01 kl. 17.18.43I dare to use more colors. What has been stopping me before? And the text is a little bit to wide – but…. it will have to do. Could be worse.)

I’m not quite ready with the costumizing yet. There are some possibilities remaining I want to explore further. And will I like it in the end? Will I keep this theme? At least for some time? Well. Only the future will tell that, won’t it?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

*  The header image is an old one. You might have seen it before. It’s a corner of “my” cafeteria, and of course it doesn’t look that vibrant and colorful in real life. But it feels that way! Warm. Cosy. Like – Home.


10 thoughts on “To color my world

  1. I love your header. It is hard to find the right theme. And I love your fresh green background – so light and airy


    1. Thank you! Yes the header became quite nice after all. 😉 and it sure isn’t easy to find the perfect theme. If there is any “perfect” at all. And the green – as you say – light and airy! Thanks! 😀


  2. Jättesnyggt! Jag gillar inte heller de där vita avskalade bloggarna – även om de ska anses vara professionella ur estetisk synvinkel. Headern är perfekt!!


    1. Det verkar gå mode i bloggutseenden också. Kan just undra vem som får det till det? WordPress? Ser man på vilka de populäraste teman är, så är det inte de nyaste som WP presenterat.
      Tack för det där positiva om headern! Det var tomt i huvudet läääääänge. Sen kom jag på fjädern…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. För att använda mina elevers språk…Skitsnyggt!


  4. I also love the green border and header – the feather is super cool….


    1. Yeah! I agree! And I would like to keep them! If possible. Checking themes, you know…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I do know exactly! And I enjoyed reading about your selection processes!


        1. Thanks! 😀 And I’m glad I can write more now! Even if it’s quite unimportant stuff so far.

          Liked by 1 person

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