Alive and vibrant

You start with an ordinary, fairly plain winter picture. Maybe with a little bit of a “oh, summer”-longing-sigh in it. At least in the photographers mind…

IMG_6193 pixlr

Then you Air-drop it to the iPad – where is much more fun than the web-version on Safari – and somewhere in the middle of the playtime this is what’s happened to it.


You keep on playing and testing – and suddenly you amaze yourself when you try a frame you absolutely never could use. You thought. Too dark, you’ve always thought. Too sandy, too dirty. 


But there it is! A gray winterpicture have become a vibrant reminder of that summer you so  much long for. You see yourself sitting there, under the tree, while the sun slowly diminishes in red, orange and pink behind the horizon, and smooth blood-warm air caresses your skin. You don’t know if the picture is beautiful! But it doesn’t matter. You really had a good time creating it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant



5 thoughts on “Alive and vibrant

  1. …but it is beautiful – and Vibrant! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Leya! 😀 And I wish you a great weekend too!

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  2. Oh, I LOVE THIS! I was really surprised to see the original pic. Gives me some ideas for my own pic editing. Thank you! ^.^


    1. Thank you, Blue! How nice I can give some inspiration! It’s so fun doing such images! 😀

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