What’s up?
Nothing really. But I’ve been busy lately.
You may think that when one has retired, one has nothing to do. Can laze around at home in pyjamas all day. Nothing can be more wrong.

Among other things, I did say I would keep on doing all the posters and other costumed layout-things for church. So last week I created a 16-pages leaflet (using Adobe CC InDesign) with all names, addresses et cetera of the members of our church. It was fun. And even more fun when people said: “At last a member-list again”, and “we have never had any as good-looking as this”.
Guess who grew a couple of inches…

This week I’ve created three big posters. One for this sunday, one for next Saturday for the luncheon-music, and then one more.
You see, we have quite often concerts here, and next Sunday there will be a Musical Mass, with a rather big choir and instrumentalists. If anyone of you know about Michael Strand… well, then you know what it’s all about.

For a couple of days it has also been blowing rather heavily. Luckily it didn’t rain while I was biking, but it was really fatiguing to get myself to town and to the Church. There was not much energy left in me yesterday afternoon. But…

Today it’s also raining so I’m very glad I’m done with those posters. Don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I can just stay home in my own castle, doing whatever pleases me. I might even take a nap after this. Or dance on the roof-topWhere there is a crack, the light comes in

So! Why keep trying to be optimistic (and happy) when it can be so easy to actually be optimistic and happy! Having things to do that you love to do, meeting people you love to be with, and being able to fully relax somewhere you love to be.

You can’t be anything in the future,
the future always remains in the future.
But you can be whatever you choose to be
– in the present.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


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    1. I’ve been doing the church-things for more than a year now, almost 1,5. But from now on, I don’t have the unemployment agency like a big nasty monkey on my back. Now I can do it only because it’s a good place for me to be, it has become like a second home. And I want to be there. Not every day though! And not from early morning.

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