Time passes on, things changes and the sun keeps on shining. Sometimes from behind the clouds, but nevertheless – it’s shining!

Last friday was a kind of a milestone for me. Becoming a retiree, saying Goodbye to this “unemployment-activity-life” I’ve participated in for some time now, and as an extra bonus – moving to this new apartment of mine. It’s wonderful! WONDERFUL!

But that afternoon, last Friday after having (a late) lunch, with coffee and a left-over-piece of that almond cake afterwards, I just sat there in my sofa. I didn’t do much after that. Actually nothing at all but watching some movies and playing endless rounds of patience, all by my self!
(I have absolutely no idea of how that expression can be said in English. ‘I suddenly had no air left in me’? Which shouldn’t be taken literally)

Likewise the entire Saturday, and on Sunday morning my right knee hurt so much I could hardly stand on that leg, no less walk. I had caught a cold, or rather my muscles and stiff joints had done so.
So typical! And to add more fun to this, it snowed and snowed and snowed… and it got colder and colder which certainly isn’t my weather at all… and – I admit – it also became very beautiful. All white and clean, even the branches on trees and bushes got all white. Almost like in a Disney-movie.

Photos? I couldn’t go out!!! Well, a little. Short and slow. Knee-pain and slippery roads don’t go well together. And added to that – I’m a coward…
Okay! I did take some photos! From my patio and from the front of my house.
Funny! How such beautiful motives can end up in such hopelessly boring photos!

Sooooooo… Sometimes you just have to let go of everything and do nothing but laze around. And I did! I still am.

And I had to TALK to me! Talk sense to me!
I had to say: Take it easy! You have gone through some huge changes here! Let it take the time it takes!

(I was dreaming of summer and biking and walking and laughing and moving around and writing and feeling young and easy and photographing and making pictures and being fully mobil and active och happy and enjoying life and….  ey!!! You know!!!!!)

And today… I kind of feel… like getting back on the track again…
I have even cleaned up here…
(Havn’t done the dishes though…

I love my apartment!
I love my life!
I love myself!
Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be!

And I feel so relaxed…