The Day

It’s Friday – and Friday it was!
And it came out to be really nice!
P was all right, and by all means –
could she really be… otherwise?

Fourteen people gathered,
no possibility neither
to “butter” nor to be un-nice.

I got presents, I got hugs,
I got laughter and I got smiles.
And when they asked how I felt,
I just answered – Wonderful!
It’s the best day of my life!

Not because I was there
with almond cake on the plate
and coffee quite near

It is the sense of freedom
from rules and demands,
to feel the closeness
of friends all around,
and that the start of my new life
finally is here

Bye, bye, my past!


5 thoughts on “The Day

  1. Underbart 😊 Så fint skrivet!


    1. Tack! 😃 Först hade jag inte en susning om hur jag skulle skriva, knappt ens vad. Sen flöt det bara fram på ett litet kick. Hoppsan!

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  2. Hey ninja – just FYI – I was not waiting for a response – I actually thought we were done with our chat – and so thx tho!
    And let’s all just celebrate that life has a nice ebb and flow and we have our patterns for blogging, writing, working, living, and – just “being” –
    So best wishes and hope your cold is fully cleared and sending a blog hug💛💛💛💛


    1. And I felt a bit guilty about not having answered!!! O_o

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    2. (wrong button…) Answer at least something. The cold is pretty okay now, thank you! Still some in the mornings, but so it is. Nothing big.
      Huge hugs!

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