Fast food?
Veggies in a Twirl?


I don’t know about you gals & guys in other countries, but here in Sweden there are some health department (or whatever) that recommend eating following the food circle.

Six (e.g. seven) groups:

  • kostcirkelnProtein: meat, fish, egg – alt: legumes – beans and lentils, nuts, almonds…
  • Diary products: Milk, Cheese, yoghurt, ice cream…
  • Fat: Butter, oil…
  • Cereals, grain, bread…
  • Root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, swedes, beets, beetroots…
  • Vegetables and – (seven) fruits

This is supposed to give optional health and well-being.

The size of the segments implies the amount of food compared with eachother. I mean: Lots of veggies and fruits, small amount of fat; more bread than potatoes; and kind of medium amount of meat, fish, milk, cheese…
The total amount of food you decide for yourself, as exactly what veggies et cetera. I recommend the bigger variety, the better. Preferably organic if possible. And no additives whatsoever.

Take it or leave it! I wont value this at all, though my view of healthy eating is slightly different!

When I was browsing the web for an image showing the food-circle, to one of the blogs I encountered the link was named: typicallyswedish (but in Swedish of course). I don’t know about that. If it’s typically Swedish!

To me personally the cereal/grain/bread part is totally gone, and replaced with quinoa, buckwheat, rice, corn/maize and such.
The diary part is equally “no more”! No milk! No cheese! No cream! No ice-cream! ( no I-scream either! I’m used to it…) In fact, nothing at all that is made of milk! Instead – if necessary and desirable – coconut-milk, almond-milk, sesame-milk…


New years eve I was treated with a cappuccino where the milk was made of oats, designed to use in coffee.
It was delicious!
Anne whipped it into a foam just like with ordinary milk. And it didn’t taste oat!

In my grocery store they have Oatly-products but not this particular one. Instead I bought and tried the “Chai-variety”. At the first trial I thought it tasted good in tea, but the next time it just tasted like drinking oat-porridge. Urrrkkkk…. (yyyackkkk).

I’ll visit a bigger store eventually and look for the coffee- adapted -variety. I noticed it was 3% fat in that one instead of only 0,5. Much better…
And if they don’t have the Barista-style either, I’ll ask Anne to buy on my behalf in her store. That’s even bigger.


But to return to the circle-food – I prefer vegetable protein instead of animal. I’m not an orthodox vegan, but I’m aiming in that direction. And I dare consume a bit more fat.

On my plate was just a simple veggie stir fry

And even eating goes in circles!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle


18 thoughts on “The food-circle

    1. We have that alternative too. And one called the plate-method. Fairly similar to each-other really. And all the others. From LCHF to Raw-Food. There’s a food djungel out there…


    1. I guess you have Oatly’s products in the US, don’t you! And there are many varieties to choose from.
      The swirl was easy. Photoshop Elements. hehe… but it tasted awesome.
      The underline? Yeah…. 😀 😀 😀

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      1. I am sure we have the products here – I will let u know if I try some this year (now I am looking forward to it) even though regular cow’s dairy does not bother me – and I also can have soy milk (I know some cannot) – but this is now in my list


        1. Oh I don’t drink/eat soy either. Partly because I get stomach ache, but even more because there are so many pesticides and other unhealthy things connected to soy. I don’t have that information in my head right now. Isn’t Monsanto and GMO involved also in the growth and cropping of soy? Can one say: how soy is managed on its way to become “food”?

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          1. Yes yes yes – you are right – but I am doing non gmo and organic (so I hope and trust – lol) – but heard many bad things about that company – and also heard we never ever ever should use the product called “round up” – it has serously major chemicals and microbes -ulgh –
            But I do watch out for that (have to) but I hmfind tofu hard to eat – 💛


          2. Well! You can’t actually buy Round up in any store, and it won’t be shown in any declaration of content in any food.
            Round up is a very potent poison which is used while growing seeds etcetera to kill weed. I think the most known crop is corn/maize. My experience was with rapeseed and quite a long time ago. But I saw the almost instant effect it had on weed.
            At that time, and there, the crop had to be sprayed three times during the growth, first time on the bare soil. And between the rows. But since that was very time-consuming and some of the rapeseed/corn etcetera also died, it was invented a method for genetic moderation on – as most of us know – corn so it would stand against Round up and don’t be killed while spraying. That meant that the whole fields now could be sprayed with larger machines, and in much shorter time. The profit grew immensely.
            Then so much more have been “enhanced” when it comes to growing and cropping corn, and to what’s done afterwards. Like mercury mordanting (the right word?) the corn seeds; and later on making corn syrup which certainly is not only a drug but also in the longer run of time – a poison.
            In the US the corn-business is a huge industry – and masses of people are actually ill and slowly killed due to the greed of money.
            Actually we should boycott regular corn/maize in any form entirely, especially if it is grown and cropped in the US. And by those companies like Monsanto.
            About the Swedish rapeseed? I don’t know how it is nowadays. But I only buy Swedish organic rapeseed oil, and use it very rarely. But that latter is mostly since I’ve started to cut down on fat entirely.
            I wont even start to write about soy now, neither as tofu or milk or in any other form – but those green ones are really delicious. (Well – frozen… hehe) ❤

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          3. I agree with so much Ninna – wow – thanks for this great reply – really – and my oldest son is very “granola” and has been very in sync with what you right – and actually here in the States you can buy roundup and I regret ever using it – anyhow, I need to read this reply again – 🙂


          4. YOU CAN!!!!!! BUY ROUND UP???? What ever for? What is it! Do you eat it???
            My experience from it is something some farmers buy to sprinkle over certain crops to kill. Licensed to kill!!!! (Kidding)
            I thought of that later, it must have been to kill insect etc, but it also kills f.ex. weed.
            “My” farmer poured what was left of it on some weed at the side of the road, and soon after it turned yellow and then died.
            Are we talking about different things?

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          5. Yes – it is the weed killer and I am super mad because nose chemicals are extra bad and some folks think the fumes are messing with the pineal gland and other body systems – quite scary! And I usually go chemical free but saw it one day and tried it – never again and huge mistake –


          6. I think this sounds horrible, but still can’t get WHY you use it. What’s the purpose? Do you eat or drink it? Like food or candy or something! You used the word “fume” – is it as some kind of incense? Or for medical purpose? God knows we slowly are getting killed – not cured – by those establishments as well as by the food industry!
            Our conversation here made me think of the corn flour i use. Is ALL corn GMO-corn? All over the world! Or is it mainly the corn grown in the US? It’s frightening! Either or it is!

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          7. Hi – sorry if it was not clear – I said it was a mistake to use it. A few years ago I was at the store and it was advertised in the garden center. So Bought some to use around the sidewalk – again – I was not thinking – and have not used it since that summer. I am now trying to find a way to dispose of the bottle I have –
            and side note – i have no idea about corn and GMO globally –
            but I think that trader joe’s corn grits are wholesome.
            But the corruption of our food has been going on for the past 100 years – at least – and it is a direct link to the rise in unknown illnesses and cancer rates – it used to be 1 in 20 people got tumors – and then 1 in 4 – and some predict it will be 1 in 2 – and part of this is because of the food corruption.

            But I also believe parasites play a huge role in why some folks cannot get better.
            Dr. Hulda Clark’s work rings true the more I live and the more I study –
            we need wholesome food and we need to rebuild our immune system – but we also have to remove pathogens to help the body heal and repair.
            some microbes (like giardia) can hang out in the liver ducts and go dormant – some bacteria also become stealth and can morph – and so sometimes when folks cannot get well – it is because they need to get on a slow going but long term “gut cleanse” – which involves ridding parasites and pathogens – and ridding build up of mucous and even fecal material – while restoring the inner flora and bioterrain – which takes time.
            I know you know much about health and so I say this with all respect to your knowledge and wisdom – but sop often we think worms and parasites are only a third world problem but that is ignorant and people are suffering because of it.

            love ya my friend –


          8. And I’m sorry you have waited so long för an answer. I caught a cold and had no desire at all to neither write, blog nor do anything else. Guess I just needed some time off now. Much have happened the last months.
            I don’t know why I got the impression it isn’t “just” as a pesticide you can buy it and use it. I guess my mind got caught in presumptions as well as a cold. For the time being I’ve stopped watching documentaries and YouTube-videos about food and health and such. It’s almost as if we can’t eat anything in one way or another. GMO, pesticides, other poisonous and/or addictive additives. It’s so depressing. Trying to see and do positive things instead. Thinking happy thoughts. Otherwise the fear and the worry will kill us! Or at least make us even sicker.
            I long for spring and warm weather. Long for walks along the river. For biking tours through the inland. Summer! That’s good to think about!
            Also for writing, blogging and making pictures again. Seems I’ve got caught in some kind of nothingness. Guess I need that for a while.
            ❤ ❤ ❤

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