... and there were no socks warm enough…

Just kidding!

No I didn’t mean that literally, though it IS cold outdoors and extra socks are needed also indoors! I have been pondering almost the entire time since I launched that new blog, whether I have done the right thing or not.

Since I’m leaving some old things behind me now, I feel I also want to let some new things arrive. That’s true and surely a right thing to do.
It’s also true that I want to write more, and hopefully not only enhance the writing-skills themselves, but also learn new things! That’s why I want to read more, and dig into topics I’m interested in. But what I have done for the last 24 hours or so, is to ponder whether a second blog is the right tool for that. I have already a second blog I rarely even think of!
Okay! That one is dedicated to food, but I’ve no eager at all to start cooking.

About an hour ago I went out with the garbage bag, and went for a 5-minutes walk. (I told you it’s cold outside, didn’t I? And windy!) Indoors again I checked my mail-inbox and there was this from WP that someone had started to follow my new blog.

It wasn’t any stranger who followed! It was a swedish blogfriend of mine!

At that moment it hit me!!!
Of course the new blog should be in Swedish!

Not that I know exactly what to write about there, in Swedish, but there are times when I think of something that is so typically Swedish that I almost fell a need to write about it! But! So…
Then I don’t write and publish that thought at all.
But I don’t promise anything! This will be a Swedish try-out!!! And I will NOT write the same text in both Swedish and English! Never write and translate!

So! A summary:

  • This blog will continue to be the main-blog. The one where the most entrances will be posted
  • I’ll write more here then I have done earlier, and as such I’ll alter td blog to be visually more suitable for that.
  • I won’t exclude images! Still continue to post for Weekly Photo Challenge –  and when I feel like it.

It will take some time though, to update the meny and pages and such. THAT was one of the main reasons earlier that made me chose a new blog. To build up tags and categories et cetera from the beginning. Now I have to prune away all unecessaries here.

My friend you’ll find here. He has such a nice blog written with great personality! I envy him that!


10 thoughts on “Was getting cold feet…

  1. I have enjoyed your experience so far on the new blog and current blog (and did not know U had a food blog) and I know for me and my blogs – the only way I got what I wanted was by trial and error and pondering (exactly like u are doing) – and not sure if you know I had some that flopped – I started more than a few – and one that I started with my son (his final year in high school) we started strong in January and then nada – it never took off- I added a post every. Is and then and finally laid it to rest (ha) a couple months ago – then another blog I started – had the best name – highways and trails – but it never took off either – and there others (ha) – but then this last fall one sort of slowly opened up like a flower blossom – still budding, but gave me the freshness I was needing –
    It still has some drawbacks and challenges – but only “trying” other blogs helped me see what I want (sorry to be long winded) anyhow – it sounds like you are narrowing things down quite well! And maybe your other Swedish blog can do one monthly photo challenge and you can have it really highlight the culture there – even though u already do that sometimes here. But it seems to me like your creative mind loves to problem solve creative stuff – ❤️💕❤️


    1. I don’t know how many blogs I’ve had since I first started blogging some 9-10 years ago. The first one was swedish and mostly I wrote about reading & writing & some about life around me. Had that one for a couple of years, until I got totally bored AND – if I remember correctly – that burn-out / fatigue-syndrom hit me. I had one about food/health too. Can’t remember all trials those years. I had blogger then, but I abandoned google when they started to be totally hopeless!
      Began on wordpress 2009 or 2010 sometime, and have absolutely now idea how many blogs I’ve had. Some flopping at once. A couple I’ve maintained. Some I’ve deleted when I felt I was done with it. Or rather – when I felt finished with the topic! Life goes on and you just can’t force something to stay alive when it is dead.
      Writing in english I began to do about two years ago. And as you say: a lot of trial and error have been done for many years now. I have also a couple of times tried to maintain blogs where I write about spiritual matters. Didn’t go well at all.

      I realize now after a couple of days work with my present blogs, it would have been stupid of me to move away from Words & Pics. But I will change the name. Slowly. To: Experiencing life. And I have absolutely no idea what will happen with the new swedish one. Will I post anything? I seem to have grown accustomed to write in English.
      And your right! I love the making of a blog. Despite the fact I can get very irritated over wordpress sometimes. ❤

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      1. I had no idea as to how seasoned you were with blogging – ❤️💕wow – and even with WordPress irritations I give them a ten out of ten because I would.not even be blogging if it were not for their interactive system and well run ship – but not perfect (yet – ha!)
        Anyhow / have a good week art ninja!


        1. 😀 😀 😀
          I agree with you about WP. In many ways it’s really good! Like the interactive system you mention f.ex. All the wonderful people you meet, and all inspiration you can get from other bloggers.
          The editor you get used to sooner or later (even though I still prefer the old one), and the possibility to change the size of pictures in the editor is one example of a good enhancement.

          What can nag me a bit, is that it’s more difficult to actually visit another blog via the reader. Especially when doing it on the iPad or the iPhone. It’s doable on the Mac, despite it needs an extra “click” – the first one just keeps you on the reader. The thing is that many of us uses tablets and cell phones to check out blogs. And I have noticable less visitors due to that. I can have more likes and even new followers, than actual visitors. (Is especially noticable on a new blog. “Like. 30 likes, 15 followers and no visit!!!!”

          The other irritating matters come when you’re previewing or customizing a theme. One example. I add a header image – but it doesn’t show how it would look like on the site. Or the logo.
          It’s quite cooperative on this blog. W&P. Probably because I pay for the domain and for Costume Design. And it seems like the other blogs on this account benefit from that.
          On the other account that I created a little more than a year ago and which I don’t pay anything for to have, it’s more tricky. When previewing a theme there, it suddenly opened a page where I could read: “cheatin’ huh?” Very rude, and no explanation. I didn’t try to cheat at all.

          Some themes allow to chose between a couple of color schemes. F.ex one default and three others. And you think: “Oh! That other is nice, and the theme seems to be nice. I’ll have that!” And I activate and publish.
          AND there are totally other colors!! So I go back to the customizer and – no – there are now only the default and maybe one or two others to chose from. All dull!

          There are also often trouble when cropping header images. Or the chosen and cropped image changes size and get all weird looking!
          So when I now was creating the new Swedish blog on the other account, what happened was that the “cheating’ huh” came up. With an additional sentence. “You are not allowed to customize this site”. And I did nothing more than I was allowed to do!

          So that did it! Now I was totally fed up with the inconveniences! I created a new blog on this account instead and moved the Swedish one over here. And now I’m going to delete that other account totally.

          Gosh! That was many words!!!
          ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. I enjoyed reading that and you have good experience with this! But they should get rid of the ” cheating huh” they really should –
            Anyhow – here is to a great new year – already off to a super good start- xxoo


          2. Yes they really should! It’s soooo rude! And untrue! You can’t use Custum Design unless you pay for it, and all other customizing possibilities are aloud! Otherwise they shouldn’t make it possible to try!

            Anyhow anyhow! Wish you too a great new year!

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