Who am I? Part two

Post continued from “WHO AM I? PART ONE”

To create a new blog starts with a lot of thinking. First of all: should it really be a totally new blog, or wouldn’t it be simpler to just change the one I already have? This one!

In a way, of course it would be simpler to do so. And I would keep all of you…

But it wouldn’t feel like I’m starting something new and fresh, and I want that! So I decided to start one new, but also to keep this one. Mainly have this for images, and the new one for writings. For one thing, I intend to continue participate in  WP.s Weekly Photo Challenge.

I have another account on WP I didn’t use, so I created a new blog there. And after that the difficult part began. Choosing the theme, making the layout… the look of it!

A blog for writing I want to have a fairly narrow main column. The wider such a column is, the more difficult it is to read. In a blog intended for images, I want something that shows the images fairly big. They doesn’t have to be huge, but mustn’t be small. I want to “show off” a bit here.

In both cases I prefer to present the widgets in the footer; and the headline, the name of the blog, to be quite big. For the blog with the images I want to have featured images – but in a way that doesn’t show it twice and at the same size. One big at the top, and one smaller in the column. In the blog for writings, that doesnt matter.

I have some other wishes as well,  and the themes WP offers can give you much of what you want for the blog, but it seems that it always is at least one thing you have to accept even though you don’t want that particular thing. So to get a theme with at least the most important preferences I have, isn’t the easiest task. And I haven’t found the perfect one yet. But the one I’ve chosen is okay! For the time being!

And I certainly don’t want to build a blog from scratch. Takes way to long to do that.

I have a name for the new blog – “Experiencing life” with the tagline “and loving it the way it is”. And the purpose of the blog… ehhh… the style… huh … I don’t think I have a special style, never have, never will!
Maybe my style is that I don’t have a style?
Well! I want to write about anything and everything that enters my mind. Maybe that too is a style of mine? Versatility!

Which by the way brings me back to the layout of the blogs. It’s not just “Who am I” and “what do I want to show” that counts.

I think those white, clean, minimalistic blogs can be so beautiful and attractive! One side of me wants that! To show images without distraction! To let people read what I write without having funny things lingering about in the corners of the eyes. It’s just that I myself have to see my blog as well, and a pure white background makes me bored! I loose the fun-ness of blogging! (Odd thing to say…)

The other side of me is very colorful, and I really enjoy testing new “outfits”. Just love to check out new themes, change colors, backgrounds and header pictures. Now I seem to be in a pink period…

I don’t like things to be cluttered though…

There’s one more thing I can think of right now. I want a new name for this blog! And I havn’t got a clue what name would fit it. And thus – fit me! If you have any suggestions, please be free to tell me. The tags is: Me, Ninna –  colors – images – colors – editing over the top even – colors…
What name would be suitable? (and it’s only the visible name I’ll change. The web-adress will still be the same)

The link to the new blog is: HERE

And by the way! It’s in Swedish!

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