I wish you all…

A Happy New Year and a Marvelous 2016!



18 thoughts on “I wish you all…

    1. Tack Anna! Önskar dig detsamma! Det blir säkert bra med 2016. Som du säger – det kan inte bli sämre i alla fall.
      Jag har ju flyttat från en ganska mörk lägenhet med fukt, spindlar och mögel och som gjorde mig sjuk, till en mycket trivsam liten lya som dessutom är betydligt billigare. Går även i pension nu i januari och slipper AF och Fas3 = FRIHET!!!!!
      Så när jag bara landat färdigt efter alla stress-triggers så kan det inte bli annat än bättre på alla vis. Har redan börjat må bättre, därav pendlandet i såväl humör som fysik. Ena dagen tårar, andra oändlig glädje
      Jag hoppas innerligt att allt även blir bättre för dig!
      stoooooor kram!!!!! ❤


    1. Thank you! 🙋
      It’s quite amazing, isn’t it? When having a common language and thanks to www, you can connect with people on the opposite side of the globe!
      Well! Since it can’t be worse, all signs point in a positive direction, life just have to get better! And better!
      Have a lovely weekend, Ken!

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      1. Thank you, Ninna. I wish my command of European languages was as good as your English! I love your part of the world, but visits have been rare as it is so far. 😉


        1. Thank you! 😀
          I’ve heard that Swedish is quite difficult to learn. I think many languages can be tough to learn. But related languages are easier. For example swedish, german, english, and italian, spanish. If you know one of them (maybe not swedish… hehe) it’s easier to learn one of the other. The same origin, and many words are the same. Language-history is soooo interesting!
          I started to watch english movies without swedish subtexts 5-6- years ago, and now I not only watch movies but also documentaries and such without subs. My vocabulary have increased since, though my spelling skills have decreased… O_o
          Occasionally I read books in english, but since I read even less swedish books nothing can be judged by that. I want to read more again. Both in english and swedish. One of the goals for 2016
          Dreaming of visiting other contries, yes. But still only dreams.


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