If I keep staying in “the Now” any longer, I’ll probably get glued to my sofa. I don’t do anything! At least almost nothing.

Morning glow

Okay! I’ve been outdoors almost every day! Been biking downtown, shopping food, taking short walks etc. I even visited church twice on Christmas Eve! Before lunch I was joining a short gathering in my own church, and late in the afternoon I – for the first time – visited the church next to where I live. They had a christmas sermon with wonderful music, the choir and the solo-singers were amazing. And the church was totally filled with people!

But I’ve also experienced not so wonderful hours.
After the move december 2nd, I was so tired I just lay in my bed almost the entire weekend. And Monday I got migraine. I never have these typical migraines with awful pain for 2-3 days. Instead I get these light-phenomena and thank God! not for long. The worst part only for 20 – 45 minutes. But I’m “off” for a couple of hours. Sunglasses or even better – napping! DON’T READ OR USE THE MAC!
Also luckily – I don’t get it often or regularly. I’ve also found that it’s stress-related. And moving is for sure very stressful!

But this time it was a bit different. It started the evening before with a slight nausea. Never had that together with the migraines before. At least I don’t thing so. A “heavy head”, yes, and wanting to be left alone, yes – but no severe pain and no nausea. So I thought I perhaps was about to get the flu!

Yes this time was different! In a way it was fascinating! The light-phenomena are usually like a pixelated blurry dot in the middle of my eyes, which grows bigger, get C-shaped and then slowly disappears on the sides of the eyes. It lingers on for some time afterwards so I don’t want to look at anything. Closed eyes are the most comfortable way to deal with this.

The light-phenomena when my eyes are closed, use to be prismatic, slightly sparkling. Almost dancing. Non-colored, “water-white”, like… light! (With opened eyes it’s more just like a pixelated blurr which makes it very uncomfortable to focus, so I close my eyes as soon as I can.)

This time the prisms were multicolored! Like the rainbow! In bright, clear colors! And over it all was this bright wonderful light! That actually enhanced after a while! Wow!!!!

This experience was so beautiful, so fascinating! Would love to experience that again – but preferably without the other parts of the migraine. 😉

I wonder what actually happened. How! And why?

Have made some effort… though… mostly watching movies. Here – Home Alone 1

But december events didn’t stop there.
Trying to make this short – I got tooth ache! Dec 7th I visited the dentist, he fixed a tooth which had got a  crack a couple of weeks earlier and then was temporarily fixed. It had some caries too, and I also decided to let him take away all the old amalgam and replace all the old bad parts with new composite. A rather big work, in other words.

When I think of all the procedures here, it feels like I’ve been going to the dentist because of this tooth like forever! Months and months! But most of it has occurred during december! I don’t even remember when we first started to work with this tooth! Some time late november! But that doesn’t matter! The pain that defeated me grew on me after this huge tooth-job, and the next weekend it became unbearable.

The worst period lasted for almost three days. Saturday evening I started to get afraid. Sunday morning I called the tooth emergency, visited the “acute-dentist” two hours later, got antibiotics but wanted to wait for my own dentist to actually start drilling and cleaning the tooth. I knew he would be available on monday.

He had time for me tuesday morning. Almost two weeks ago now.

But before that appointment, those days were the worst weekend in my whole life! Can’t anyhow remember any worse! The pain was almost unbearable. Paracetamol and the other stuff didn’t help other then cutting the top of the pain, and my stomach went really bad from the ibuprofen and the acetylsalicylic acid. Couldn’t hardly eat – not only due to the fact it was difficult to chew. I lost about 3-4 pounds in those day. Pity that part didn’t last…

I took walks in the evening. The cold air helped lessen the pain, and the night before Tuesday I had a towel with ice-cold water on the cheek. I looked like Frankenstein’s monster on that side of the face. It was so swollen I could hardly open my mouth.


And now? I was afraid the infection would be worse after I finished the antibiotics, but instead I got a cold. (Good sign!) It feels a bit odd in the tooth-area, and it still hurts a bit if I put a bit of pressure on the cheek from the outside. But I’ll manage! On tuesday I’ll visit him again. For the next step in this root-canal-story. And that’s pretty soon!

Maybe I’m still recovering from the pain and the infection. After all – it was in the HEAD! Not far away from the BRAIN! O_o

So! One advice! Don’t hesitate to go to the dentist when needed! Go regularly! And don’t postpone any appointments unless you really are sick or something like that. This time I first waited to call him about the crack, had to wait for a while, had the temporary fix made, but postpone the next visit due to the nausea that preceded the migraine.

So at least some of this was my own fault. I should have visited my dentist at least a couple of months earlier. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been in this tooth-mess now if I had done so. 
From now on, I’ll visit my dentist more regularly so when any problems may occur, they at least won’t be so huge and so painful. And expensive…

Well! Maybe I’m not just bone idle after all, I’m recovering! (well… maybe a little bone-idle as well…) And in another sense – I want to be in The Now as much as possible. That’s the only “place” where you actually can be! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow have not yet come – that’s why Now is called the… present.

One of the bone-idle moments…
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