I found more!

IMG_5993Some were hidden in one of the wardrobes …

IMG_5996… some I found at the bottom of the shoe rack, the one about Annie Leibovitz as heavy in weight as if made of lead… or gold…
Remember I had some struggle taking that home from Stockholm a couple of years ago. I visited my daughter, and also paid a visit to “Fotografiska”. The museum of Photography.
Traveling by train… luckily with a back-pack.
(hehe… found the word “rucksack”. Sounds almost the same as our Swedish word for it – ryggsäck. Have you got that from us? Like: Swedish people hiking around in woods and mountains with “rucksackar” *LOL*) 

… one Buscaglia was lying on the floor under a plaid… and on the kitchen window sill, I found a small heap of books concerning herbal medicine…

So now my bookshelf is almost filled – but still needs to be re-organized.
And I seem to be fairly versatile in taste…

IMG_6004 copy

And the screen clip from the iPhone, I just did for fun.IMG_6007

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