Ooops! Is that all there is?

Where did all the books go? Did we loose a couple of boxes on the way?

FullSizeRenderNo we didn’t!

But they seem so few now, put together like this. Although I have intentionally got rid of many books before the move. Why keep dust-collectors when you have lots and lots of books to choose from at the library?

Compact living also means - no unnececcary things!

But they could use some rearrenging! For example, fiction separated from the others.

I wonder… How many books did I have, when I had the most some years ago? A rough estimation might suggest about ten times as many. Mostly fiction then. And they were organized after the surname of the author. I knew exactly where I had each book. Well… maybe not exactly but close enough.

Now I have mostly non-fiction. And a library about ten minutes walk from here. Not bad! The world just around the corner!!!

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9 thoughts on “Ooops! Is that all there is?

  1. I’m trying hard to get rid of some of the many, many books I’ve collected over the years. But they seem to stick to my fingers and many of them still seem interesting. However, in all those years, if I haven’t read them, I probably won’t.



    1. Hi Janet!
      Oh yes! I totally agree! It’s like books linger around the heart somehow. They are not only books, they also show who you are as a person. Would love to have a whole wall, no! an entire room filled with books! Like an old english library!
      Definitely the hardest to get rid off, and it has taken me a long time to come to this point.
      By the way! I found some more books after I published this post…


      1. What I really need is a room that’s a dedicated library. That would solve the problem.


        1. If you really want it, you might get it some day! 😀
          I’ve prioritized living close to nature, and having a low rent for the apartment.


  2. Neat book case, Ninna, and I love the juxtaposition of books with the printer 🙂


    1. Hi K! Thank you! I myself am not so sure about the printer though, never came to think of its placement as a positive juxtaposition. 😆 But I have to have it somewhere! And at least it will have to stay put there until my new sofa arrives on monday, which will be the centerpiece in the room. So to speak. I also have to get rid of all the things lying around everywhere. On the lucky side, I’ve only a couple of boxes left now to empty. Will there be room for the printer anywhere else?

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  3. good old books – something i find hard to get rid off, too. i have been getting rid of a few here and there, but it is definitely hard to let go. old books are like old friends somehow. 🙂
    so congratulations to you for down-sizing!


    1. I feel exactly the same! Books are definitely the hardest to get rid of. But when I started this quest, I started to get rid of those fiction books I didn’t like very much. And then those I knew for sure I wouldn’t read again. This has taken me looooong time to do!


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