Ooops! Is that all there is?

Where did all the books go? Did we loose a couple of boxes on the way?

FullSizeRenderNo we didn’t!

But they seem so few now, put together like this. Although I have intentionally got rid of many books before the move. Why keep dust-collectors when you have lots and lots of books to choose from at the library?

Compact living also means - no unnececcary things!

But they could use some rearrenging! For example, fiction separated from the others.

I wonder… How many books did I have, when I had the most some years ago? A rough estimation might suggest about ten times as many. Mostly fiction then. And they were organized after the surname of the author. I knew exactly where I had each book. Well… maybe not exactly but close enough.

Now I have mostly non-fiction. And a library about ten minutes walk from here. Not bad! The world just around the corner!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge:

Close by…

… lies this church. If I open the door to my patio, I can hear the church bells.

A bit unusual architecture to an ordinary Lutheran Swedish church, which has been built in the nineteenth century. To be explicit, this was built in 1880-1882, and opened to the public in 1883. It’s hexagonal!  But it has influences from old roman round churches, as well as byzantine architecture.

And it lies there on the hill top, looking out over the city!


I admit! I’ve never been inside the church, but due to pictures I’ve seen it’s very beautiful. On the outside it sure is. I guess it’s about time to pay it a visit.

By the way! It was close to sun set yesterday when I took the photo(s). Now it’s close to midnight, and raining. No sun has been seen today…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye spy