Look at me!

Or rather… WAIT! Don’t have much to show you yet!


I’ve been lazy today. Not done much at all.

Watched my name on the mail-box…

Found where to throw away the garbage, and my storage room in the cellar…
Have now idea where the laundry room might be…
Will ask the janitor on Monday.

Took a nap in the afternoon…

Have been watching three movies…
no, four…
Made chocolate toffee… and ate…

Outdoors the storm is howling.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

14 thoughts on “Look at me!

  1. Hey. Ninja ! How are you! Prior here and I have been meaning to drop by and when I saw your wpc I had to check in- cool image and I bet the movies are a fun uplifting addition to the day – 😉


    1. HI! Long time! How nice to see you again! Well! I’ve been a bad blogger for quite some time, but hopefully I’ll catch up a bit better from now on!
      Thank you! I just made it easy for me and took a shot from where I sat, and than had some fun with it with pixlr.com.
      I must say I got caught by these Minions. The first two movies. Despicable me 1 & 2. Funny and with heart. The newest one, Minions from 2015, is okay and funny but hasn’t got even half the charm.
      I hope you’ll have a wonderful day!

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      1. Thanks and hope you have a nice day too! ☺️💚 and I have. It seen the movies but the clips and your description make them sound really fun. -and some kids movies are done really well and like you said – with charm!


        1. I like animated movies. Like Tangled, Frozen, Hotel Transylvania (especially the first from 2012), and others. There is an Italian animated (cartoon) Pinocchio from 2012 that is like artwork. Beautifully done. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1693039/
          Well. I like many kinds of movies. 😃😎

          Take care! 💖

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          1. Well I have to confess that I like a few too – and this may sound cheesy but Disney’s Beauty and the beast is an all time favorite – the story – the music – animation – and also it always reminds me 1992 – my niece had the Video and played it everyday so it brings me back to those precious weeks. And I just watched Frozen this Summer – we have friends who have a daughter and that is her fav movie and they were shocked I did not see it- and whew!!! So great- so well done and you are right – works of art!


          2. OH YES! I watched Beauty and the Beast recently. Really a great movie. Not cheesy at all to like. But must admit I never saw it in the nineties.

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          3. Well better late than never to seeing any good movie! Have a great day ninja !


          4. Absolutely!
            Have a wonderful day, you too!

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  2. Great fun – it is always good to have time out and just relax with cool movies after moving. Take care


    1. I often relax with a movie. I really enjoy that!


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