Getting cold feet…

… and I fell due to the new theme….
Whadhjonouu!!!!! It has possibilities for more than one color!!!!! And lots of other things!
I renewed Costume Design for another year.

Do I really have to learn more about CSS now???


I really do have to start photographing more again! This monday I made this image from an older photo I have. Not very old! A couple of months only! I needed something to lighten up the poster for upcoming sundays sermon.  And as a visual “trigger-point”.

Once a month we have this “Café-thing” instead of an ordinary sermon.
There is some of the usual talks, reading and singing of course, but the main thing is that we have a guest who is talking about some or another interesting topic. I won’t call this a seminar, it’s not that “big”, just an interesting talk, with an interviewer who asks the questions that brings the talk forward.

The theme on sunday is: “dare to live closely”. (Sounds a bit ridiculous when I translated it word by word. Does anyone have a suggestion how to say “Våga leva nära” in English?)

Step up and have a cup o' coffee!
Step up and have a cup o’ coffee!

Well, Anne is going to talk about the both Congos. That is – of course – Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa. She and her husband, our pastor, lives in Congo for at least a couple of months each year. (Which of the Congos I have forgotten).

Anne was recently there for a month, came home less than a week ago, and was of course “caught” in the middle of the disturbances. People wasn’t allowed to go out on the streets, there was no access to internet, et cetera, et cetera, some kind of riots… I think… if I got it right – and the Pastor was totally calm about all this… yeah….

“She likes it”, he told me. “She likes being in the middle of things, where everything happens. And, he added, this is perfect for her dissertation.”
I just looked at him.

And on sunday I intend to listen to what Anne has to tell us.
If it doesn’t rain too heavily…
Or anything else…

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