Those of you who have visited my blog AND have seen the Milestone widget, might wonder what’s about to happen. And now is the time to tell. Well! I could have done that earlier, but there have been so many things around me lately that I haven’t had neither enough time nor energy to put in for blogging. A lot to do at church with posters and other things – christmas is coming along with concerts and stuff – and these last weeks – also this!

I’m moving out of my apartment, and into a new one! Nice, huh!!!! (Oh YES!)

IMG_5893I know at least some of you  have read about my problems last winter, with leakage in the bathroom and mold, and therefore a lot of workmen here to fix that and renovate the entire bathroom.
Shortly: I guess that must have been the most stressful period of my life. Or maybe not, but this kind of stress WAS NOT FUN AT ALL! The illness I experienced directly due to the mold around me; the stressful almost 3 months when I couldn’t live at home, and probably most of all – the fear I experienced connected to this. How ill can one become from breathing moldy air for an entire year?
And I never thought before this experience, that it could be so awful to live in a friends house. I guess I’m too much of a loner (read: home-sick) to do that for such a long period.

So I guess one part of this is that I never got totally friendly with this apartment. And I still think there might be something wrong with it. No mold any longer! Of course! The air is fresh!  My bathroom is the best in this living space!  But there are still crawling around silver fishes in the kitchen cupboard sometimes, and there are still these funny looking spiders in the corners all over the place. Thin pale ones with long legs. I still have my vacuum cleaner prepared all the time.
And I’m still having a “cold” continuously going on. Especially in the mornings. Especially now when it’s not summer any longer.

womspeaker02So after a longer explanation than I had intended to do here, I’ll now proudly present the fact that I now have got me a new apartment.

Sometimes when things happen, they happen quickly. Saw my landlords add sometime in the middle of september, had enough queuing points to have a good chance to get this apartment – and as it happened (Lucky Me) I was the one with the most points! And I said YES! I WANT IT!

These procedures took of course some time, but at november 3 I signed the contract and from that day I have had practical arrangements to take care of. I’ve also started to pack my things. All my books have gone into hiding….

flatIt’s small, but excellently planned. Light and bright! Huge patio, considering the smallness of the actual apartment, and since it’s a one flat house with the apartments together in a row, I can also use the front side as a patio. Oh it’s so nice! It’s cute!!!

The bathtub is gone, instead a nice white tiled space for showers, and the Patio is now “built-in” with wooden walls between us tenants. Can’t remember if there was some kind af roof over it at all. Mostly open space anyway.

I’ve only been there once so far! And I don’t have many photos. After all! The women still lives there! I couldn’t go on with my iPhone and shoot pictures of her private things! I just took 2 in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and a couple of the view over the patio and the greens on the other side of the bars. Since at the first floor, I’m not sure if I should call this a balcony or a patio. It’s a mix of it.  So that’s what the featured image shows. And here…. 😀

I used a screen clip here from a map on Internet, end then cropped and edited. The sun chairs and parasoll, the heart and the flower outside my new home. Cute, isn’t it? Small but gorgeous!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate – and the nature calls!


25 thoughts on “Soon, very soon!

    1. Det är så helt UNDERBART!!! Jag mår inte bra här, oavsett vad som är orsaken till det. Plus att den är mörk och sliten. Och alldeles för dyr. Får nästan halva hyran lägre hädanefter. Jag misstänker att de kommer att renovera upp den här när jag flyttat. Då blir den ännu dyrare. hehe


    1. Thank you!
      It will probably be a more pleasant winter in at least three ways!
      1.) This apartment is quite cold and drafty especially from the windows and the balcony door in the living room. The new one is warm and cosy – it seemed so anyway, and it has new windows all over.
      2.) It is said we are going to have a mild winter with no snow here in south of Sweden. I believe it when I see it, but I hope it will be true.
      3.) – and the most important! I think I’ll be much more comfortable there in every way. Really more like a HOME!

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  1. GRATTIS! Vad skönt att du får komma till något nytt och förhoppningsvis ett hem som du känner mer som ett hem än det du har idag. Plus att den där morgonförkylningen ger med sig på köpet. 🙂


    1. TACK! Ja det ska verkligen bli härligt!
      Det är verkligen nåt med den här gamla som inte är bra! Så mycket spindlar inne hela tiden kan bara inte vara rätt!
      Och bara det att den nya är ljusare – och halva kostnaden nästan – är ju kanon!

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      1. Att det är många spindlar tyder på att det finns för mycket fukt. Då är det säkert mögel kvar också som du troligen känner av. Bra att du får ett både fräschare och billigare boende! 🙂


        1. För mycket fuktighet tror jag också, men om det är mögel eller inte för den saken skull är nog svårt att säga.
          Men jag håller inte för otroligt att det kan vara kvar rester i väggar och på andra ställen. Alla dessa miljoner sprickor överallt!
          Det är nog bara själva badrummet som är säkrat nu! HAHAHAHA. Och där är det superfint efter renoveringen!

          Ett tag efter det var klart kollade jag hur mycket pengar jag hade på lghts-fonden! Det räckte till ny golvmatta i hallen. Först efter det kändes det som att det luktade fräscht här hemma.

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  2. Good luck with your move. I know how you feel. I had to shift from my previous house as it was too cold and an unsafe neighbourhood. I was lucky – I found this great place within days and moved in 3 weeks. I love it here.


    1. Thank you, Raewyn! I think it will go very nice and smoothly! How wonderful you got such a lovely new place, and so quickly! Really great!


  3. Bra att du flyttar när du haft sådana besvär – och den nya ser verkligen välplanerad ut – och med patio! Lycka till!


    1. Ljus, fräsch, vita väggar, stora fönster som dessutom är nya! 😀
      Ja du! Nu börjar man verkligen ett nytt liv! Nu med lägenheten och när jag snart fyller år i januari
      Hur mycket bättre kan det bli! O_o

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