Oh, I know!

Literally speaking this is no ornate. But…


… I find those lace-like patterns created by the stems and the branches quite intriguing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate


15 thoughts on “Oh, I know!”

    1. Hej Anna! Det går upp o ner som vanligt! 😀 Flyttar snart till annan lägenhet!
      Hoppas det är bra med dig också! KRAAAAAAM!!!


  1. i think the beauty of the natural world is a gift. i have sometimes thought that lace may well have been inspired by looking at a tree like this…. there is no documentation on it that i could find, but this is simply delicate – and ornate!


    1. Oh yes! I think so too. The nature must be the “mother” of everything that’s created. Inspiration, indeed!
      Thank you very much!


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