Love yourself, stay connected to the source.
Give you a treat and enjoy the moment.
You’re worth it, you know
since you’re a perfect being
created to be, the gorgeous person you are.


Ice cream made of strawberries and a banana. Frozen of course.
Otherwise it won’t be this creamy delicious saturday afternoon treat.
Hidden inside: goji berries, walnuts and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
And on top – some cool sea buckthorn

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

14 thoughts on “Connected to Life

    1. Hihi! No one can possibly go to every blog and read and look, so I let my inner self decide. The name of your blog caught my eyes, and I was not disappointed when I visited it! O_o
      Thank you! I do some Bad Poetry now and then.

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          1. Oh yes! I don’t think it’s possible to be in the Now 100% of the time. But every moment is wonderful!
            I will visit you again, I’m just about to write something here… hope to enter the flow… O_o


  1. Mmmm… I’m guessing you will. : ) The flow: connecting to something bigger than self, much bigger than ego. Something through which true words move, find a voice, find their way to a page.


    1. Yeah… I will.
      Evenings, late evenings, are my best time. Especially for writing. Images I can make any time it seems.
      To be in flow feels really good.

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