Flaws and mishappenings

Hi folks! Nice to see you again!

I’m no photographer. I just want you to know that.
I’m not kidding! I. Am. Not.
A photographer.

Imagine that! The dream-guy arriving on a cloud…

I take pictures occasionally.
That’s what I do.
I make images.
Based on photos.
That’s my skill!

And a totally different thing to do..
That’s more like painting, but without brushes and paint.

No oil. No watercolors. No acrylic colors. No pencils. Just imagination and inspiration and a couple of photo editing programs. And a need for colors.
How nice isn’t that?
(But intrinsically I’m a writer…  and I sometimes say I’m using words to paint images. And that’s the truth. My truth!)

IF I’m gonna take photos, I prefer to do it when I feel up to it. Just like that.
Not because there is a purpose! Something I’m supposed to do just… because!

Now is such a purpose. I’m supposed to make a post card of the church, due to the fact the parish has its 150 year jubilee in october. And the church, the building, was built (and ready) 115 years ago. The year 1900 sharp…

The problem isn’t the actual making of the card. That’s easy.
The problem is the photo.

And there it comes. I’m no photographer.

Skärmavbild 2015-09-03 kl. 20.45.17I’m not technically skilled! I know almost nothing about all these data that pops up now and then concerning photos. I’ve learnt something though during the years and especially this last year. The most important things I have to know. But not only for making an add, or our posters and leaflets.

For example I now know what “resolution” is – Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – the more “dots” per inch, the clearer the picture. For publishing a photo/picture/image on the internet, it only needs to be 72 PPI.

That’s what I mostly use. And it seems that the photos (ehh… pictures) that drops down to my Mac always has this resolution. And are saved as jpg. And I have absolutely no idea why!

Apropos that – I also know now when to use gif or png as format. The rest of the options could as well be Chinese pictograms to me. In other words – mysterious and unfathomable.
Further back in time, I never even thought about this.
(RAW!!! WHAT???)

I’ve learnt, that if something is supposed to be printed on paper, the photo need to have 300 PPI for best result. Especially if the photo is big. Or f.ex. it’s the front of a book. A magazine. A post card. Something like that…

Normally when it comes to our posters etc, a resolution of 150 – 200 PPI is quite sufficent for the images. So this is rarely any issue!
Well! It depends on the picture to.
(When I solved the problems with the add I made a couple of months ago – that was an issue… GOSH! But I learned a lot that time! And have probably forgotten all about it now… )

So whats the problem?
Well! Then. At first. I already had some photos in the archive. Didn’t think much about it. Took six or seven showing different angles, forwarded them to the Pastor and waited for him to respond. Wait! Before I did that, I tried to enhance them a bit. Tried to make them look like a POST CARD! Cropped a bit here, brightened a bit there. Tried to stop myself from playing around with them. You know! ME and EDITING! ME and FILTERS! ME and COLORS!!!!

The original…. I’m not too proud of it. The steeple is on the upper edge, and the image feels pale….

“This one is good”, he said later on. “But can you make it brighter?”
“Brighter?” I said, and went behind his back to be able to watch his PC-screen.
He had chosen the close-up of the building, and to my surprise – it was dark. It was very dark!!!

I had made some enhancements due to saturation, contrast and sharpening, but it was NOT a dark picture! It must be that his screen is dark! Mustn’t it? Not mine! No no no no….

Back on my place, I printed the photos.
They were dark.
All of them…

I have a dilemma on my hand here now, if my screen shows pictures brighter than they really are! Are they? Dark?

Oh I know! There is probably not two screens that show the exactly same tone och brightness. The big screen I used to have, had a slightly yellowish tone. I tried and tried but it was impossible to make the settings more white and cold, and less yellow and warm. And it can actually be that the pastors screen had e little bit too dark settings. And the printer. Couldn’t it? COULDN’T IT???

By the way. This monday we had to call for a repairman for the printer. It smeared toner where it shouldn’t be any… But only on the big, a bit thicker papers.
He couldn’t fix it at once since he couldn’t find the source of the error. Needed a second opinion.
And I forgot today to ask if the fault was fixed now.

Now! What to do?
Start from the beginning. With the original photo. With the chosen one….
(sighing deeply…)
It didn’t go well at all, and I kind of freaked out.

Skärmavbild 2015-09-03 kl. 19.05.18And then came all the hours with the brochure…

(more deep sighs…)

Two days ago, monday, I sneaked in to the pastors office and borrowed the camera. I’m allowed to do that. Actually! I suspect I’m the only one using that camera. At least for the time being. It was dead. (I told you so! Only me using that camera.)
I brought it home with me, to charge up the battery. I also checked out the different settings for the camera. Chose the option for the biggest possible prints. At the first test, it was revealed to me that those pictures landed on my Mac with a PPI at 150.

So is it a good camera or is it a good camera? O_o

Okay! I can manage to do a post card with that.
I hope…

It was cloudy.
Not fun.
Not fun at all.
And very very very very dull photos.

No photos at all…

Thursday. Today.
Just semi-cloudy so I slipped out for a photo-session.
Before noon.
The sun in my eyes… in the camera… in focus…
Not good.

But the sky was blue!
At least partly.
At least something.

Went home early.
I was dull…
Made a cake for afternoon tea…

Tomorrow is friday.
I intend to have a sleep-in, a well deserved one, and then show up at work around 10 AM. Perfect timing for coffee.
At 2 PM I’m gonna attend a lecture about Ayur Veda and its health benefits. Before or after that lecture, I hope the sun will shine on the right side of the church. At least more or less. To brighten the whole thing up a little! Be at the sunny-side of the street for a while.
So keep your fingers crossed, it won’t rain tomorrow.
If so – I’ll scream out LOUD!!!!!


3 times 3 of dull boring devastating photos


Summary –  all of them soooo off beat and dull… misfits…. at least if I’m supposed a make a post card of one of them.
I could probably make something funny, colorful, odd or even beautiful of them. But not a post-card.

  • – – – – –

Why can’t the post card look something like this instead?


Bye bye for now! See you soon!
And you! Take care out there! ❤

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