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And I’m totally worn out! Both physically and mentally.
Because yesterday we – I – finished create the upcoming three months brochure with quick-calendar and a couple of pages with what´s about to happen at church during this time. With texts and pictures!
So yesterday was really a good day despite I was very tired and realized I’ve been more and more stressed about this task. And I’ve absolutely no idea how many work-hours I’ve put into it.

Not that I mind the actual work! It’s fun to perform, and very awarding. Many of the people around are expressing how good-looking the folders always become. (May I never stop creating them!)
But the stress-point is, waiting for the info I’m supposed to get from others. Texts for example. And the info about our 150- year-jubilee we are going to celebrate 10-11 October. When, where, how and who!!! The entertainment, the food, the… everything!

And I wait… ask for the required information… wait…
Some give me what I’m asking for pretty promptly, and some…

A snippet from a poster I made for the church-choir, without the textparts, logos etc, and as a much smaller picture – in the folder on the choirs page

The pastor is always late, but never too late. And we work very well together. The brochures MUST be ready the last sunday before the specific forth of the year begins. Now september – november. And yesterday morning we checked everything out: it was accurate, it was good, it was beautiful. It was done!

I sent the pdf-file by wi-fi to the printer – 100 copies this first printing, to cover the need this sunday – and he said: You go home now! You’ve done a huge job, and very well done indeed! Now I’ll take the rest from here.

Late in the afternoon he texted me: We have to change one thing! X and Y don’t think we will have the jubilee-dinner in the cafeteria. We will have the whole event in the church-room!

Three words should be removed from the folder. A 12 pages folder made in InDesign… puuhhhhhh…. 😦

Then he phoned me and suggested he just would erase those three words from the already printed copies with tip-ex or white tape, and for the next printing I’ll have them erased from the original. I did that immediately…

I’ve been making fun of the church…. no. Not OF the church! Just having fun with the photo of the church

The stupid thing is, that X and Y must have known about this for at least a week. And said nothing!!!!!! O_o

Well! I’ll stop caring. In the sense I can’t let these stress-triggers to glue on me. It’s not of my responsibility! I just create the layouts. Which I – by the way – love to do.

So yesterday, was a very good day. Work finished, done, and stress left behind me. And today is even better. I have the day off. Can do what I want and what pleases me. Write on my own writings, at my own pace. Sitting in the sun. Have a ride on my bike. Eating homemade lunch… you know!

Enjoying chocolate mousse. (Cocoa powder – lots of, coconut cream, coconut oil, a pinch of vanilla and some honey). Stir thoroughly together until smooth, then keep cold until eating.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a good day!


15 thoughts on “Finally!”

    1. Oh I do. Have done.
      But now I’ve started to feel slightly nausea. Hope it’s just temporary and won’t lead to anything worse. Maybe I’ve just had too much chocolate… 😉


  1. Congratulations, Ninna!! What you’ve shown us of your designs is lovely. The church is firtunate to have your skills. That is always the most frustrating aspect for me of any project involving others – getting them to meet deadlines. It’s not in our control and not everyone is detail-oriented … But still!


    1. Thank you Sammy! A year ago I had no idea I could do these kind of things. I knew how to turn photos into edited pictures that looked pretty nice, but posters, folders, adds and such! No idea!
      Yes! It’s so irritating to wait and wait. But most people have no idea the amount of time it takes to make these things. The pastor does, since he was making them earlier, but that doesn’t help much.
      I must learn not to bother, not to let it grow on me.


    1. I’m so ambivalent to these awards. On the one hand, it’s very pleasing to get one. Always wonderful to receive positive credit for what one does. On the other hand, it’s time-cunsuming and quite stressful to forward it to others! Luckily, this time we don’t have to answer 20 questions about ourselves! O_o
      But then yet another aspect of iy – among all the wonderful blogs around the world, how can I chose between them?

      Maybe I’ll just mention the award in a post, and then write something what I think about it. I don’t know yet. Let me think it over a little bit more.
      But thank you so very very much for this huge compliment! You really made me happy!!!


      1. OK, ninna – I know, I know…I don’t like them either – ambivalent as you say. But this time no questions and I always feel happy about linking to blogs I want more people to see! Unfortunately you cannot mention all of them them…but I believe everyone will be mentioned in the end. Your idea is good too – just saying what you think about it in a post!
        I’m happy that you take this in a positive way, because nothing else was my intension.


        1. I’ll see what I can do about it during the weekend.
          It always take me plenty of time writing. Also when writing in Swedish. I’m not a slow-writer per se. On the contrary. But I’m the kind of person who keeps on editing and organizing and working on words, grammar, layout etc until I feel totally content with my work. And then editing more. And even after ready (and posted) I can find flaws. Which I correct if possible. I’m nuts! I know! Probably one side of my personal asperger/adhd qualities. Aspie = order and perfection.
          That’s one side of it. (Just posting a single image doesn’t take long.)
          Another side is to choose the blogs to link to (not an easy task) and then the work around that, and WP doesn’t exactly help.
          Since all the “enhancements” on WP there are no possibility to link to blogs via the reader any longer. Not to the actual blogg that is. WP just keeps us on WP – unless the blogger has added a link in the post – and this “enhancement” nags me quite a bit. We all spend more time on the reader than actually visiting other blogs, don’t we? We use devices like phones a lot, don’t we, And iPads etc. A bit easier to do these things on the Mac, but not even there it’s as easy as before “the new simplified wordpress”
          At least I’m done with the last brochure. I’m just still in the “after-phase”, that “off-beat-period” when the brain more or less turns itself off and just keeps on babbling… if doing anything!
          Also this probably due to my personal a/a qualities. This one = due to the adhd workaholic / worn out
          I’ll stop babbling now. Have a nice day Leya!
          (At first I wrote this on the reader since I’m on the iPad now. It wouldn’t let me post it. It was just like frozen stiff! Hope Safari is more cooperative)


          1. I don’t agree with the “enhancements” either. Annoying. Don’t take this too seriously if you can avoid it!
            Have a great weekend!


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