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Photos on the run

A little creepy, huh?
Bad weather on the go?
Heavy, heavy rain, perhaps?
Me soaking wet in five seconds?

Heading west. Kind of dark over there… over the sea… over the beaches… dark clouds… typically! The day I had decided to bike to the seashore!
Nope! Not blue! Not really! That’s me messing around with the picture. The clouds were pitch dark… eh… dark gray…. yeah! Dark gray! But I prefer blue to gray. Especially the sky. (Better hold both hands on the handlebars here. Soon crossing a street…)
No-no-no-no! I didn’t fall! I was taking photos while biking! HUH!  Not a particularly good idea though. Not if you want to know what you’re doing while photographing. And while biking… But on the other hand! Who wants pictures where the streets are plain, the houses have four 90-degree corners at the right angles, and everything else is just plain… booooooring… I have a strong feeling that wouldn’t be… me.  – – – – – – –  Hot town, summer in the city….

A bit further ahead I turned left, now heading south and left the darkest clouds behind me. (What a sentence!!!! Head  left head left!)
I didn’t get soaking wet! But today has been a very warm day, a very warm day indeed to be biking. Quite steamy, actually.
Funny weather nowadays… heavy rains, cold days when it should be warm, then sticky warm days – and often very windy.


I didn’t stop at the beach. I biked through the area and then went home again. Therefore no beach pictures. Not today.
Did 12,4 kilometers on the bike though. That’s good. Due to the circumstances a sufficient tour! Well. Very good! Personal best in 2015! So far! Despite my lower back and hips hurt now. I ignore that…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy


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