At the coffeshop

Closer… and closer…

My physical body is still not particularly keen on bending and crawling and twisting, not even walking other than short walks .

So therefore I don’t photograph much at present, and haven’t for some time. But there are objects more closely to where I spend my days, so I don’t have to make walkabouts in the city or in the beaches or in the woods.
(But I really would love too – and I will! Soon enough! In my mind I already do, it just hasn’t manifested yet.)

So! Lucky me! I always have the cafeteria!

IMG_5405Weekly Photo Challenge: Close up



19 thoughts on “Closer… and closer…”

    1. Ack om en fika hade hjälpt! Då hade jag varit superrörlig för länge sedan.
      Nej det är magnesium, träning, glada tankar och tålamod som gäller. Det sista är det svåraste….
      Tack Rabbis, för uppmuntringen!

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    1. Det var magnesiumbrist. Bläää… se till så du får extra magnesium i dig! Ett TIPS!!!!!
      Erkänner – vi dricker vanligt kaffe ur andra muggar, eller mindre koppar, men dom som beställer kaffe latte eller varm choklad brukar få de här


      1. Usch då! Tack för tipset, ska kolla upp vad som innehåller magnesium.
        Ja, ni får vara lite rädd om de där “fin-kopparna”! 🙂


        1. Det visade sig att det är ganska så vanligt med magnesiumbrist, och har man värk och stelhet och ett hjärta som liksom hoppar till då och då, kan man misstänka det. Spända muskler och dålig sömn mm mm
          Ja de där kopparna står ju mer eller mindre som dekoration, och man nästan hoppar till när man ser nån dricker ur dem.

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    1. Thank you! Nice to know I’m not alone.
      And you’re right! There are a lot of things to take pictures of if one just looks around. But it’s so easy to say: it’s only my home and my work! Boeing! Nothing to show others!

      It don’t have a garden but I presume you have, since you show us lots of wonderful flowers.
      But on the other hand, I have the cafeteria. 😄


    1. No and no. Just the combination of the (old) fibromyalgia, then the mold-issue with the stress and fear around that, and so I discovered I had lack of Magnesium. Probably a quite severe lack. To that I started to be stressed and uncomfortable at work. (A person) and the last months I have had way too little to do there. Which also is a frustrating.
      I can’t quite get rid of the thought that there still is something wrong with my flat, even though the bathroom is okay now. Could be my imagination. (Fear)
      So a lot of things had piled up on me more or less at the same time, or partly one thing due to another. Well within the last 1,75 year or so. I did live in moldy air for a year before it was discovered at the end of september.
      I actually don’t know the full answer! I don’t quite understand all of what is and has been happening!
      But I guess I’m healing now. Things are slowly getting better.
      I eat extra magnesium, have come to terms with work and are leaving for another place within a month or so. I also intend to move to another flat, hopefully in the near future,

      It has been really hard, all this put together. But in a way it has also been a blessing. I’ve grown within myself in many ways, have learned to know who I really am, and now I feel much more love and joy within myself. And I’ve realized that is shown on my outside. People seem to be drawn to me more now. Seem to like me more. That’s amazing – and a bit puzzling! 😆
      It’s only the body that is a bit slow in manifesting. But it has to take it’s time!

      BUT! I’ve started to engage myself in writing again, kind of woken up, and yesterday evening I was reading one of my short stories at an event at church. So despite the fact the body is a slow-healer, the inner me – the real me – is okay.
      Oh gosh! Sorry for the loooooooooong answer

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      1. Ninna, thanks for letting me know. I would feel the same way you do about your flat after that mold invasion. Never sure they got it all or that it wouldn’t quickly return from a minor leak. Oddly I had a dream last night that our ceilings sprung unexplained leaks in several places and mold had started to grow!! I don’t know what triggered that dream.

        I am so happy that you are feeling better emotionally inside and able to rediscover your writing joy and talent.

        It’s so hard to live with fibromyalgia but the moments like your reading at the church are the ones we need to take pleasure in.

        I hope you continue to improve inside and out, and that your upcoming moves – though stressful – will eventually give you more comfort as a healthy home. 💖


        1. The most important of all is to find the good parts of everything. Catch the glimpses of joy and love. Seek for joy and love and focus on that, since what we focus on is what grows.
          Oh I know! It isn’t always easy! I’ve cried my heart out many times and felt great despair and hopelessness, but slowly it will get easier and easier. And it’s really wonderful to feel when that joy and love fills you up within like happy tingelings.
          When I felt at worst I often had thoughts like: oh how stiff my body is; and was afraid of this and that – not being able to sleep, to bike, to walk, to do this or to do that – or whatever. NO GOOD THINGS TO FOCUS ON! But I’ve managed to turn that thinking pattern around. Most of the time anyway.
          There are still days and moments of pain stiffness and negativity, but there are more good days and moments, good feelings overall more and more often. And I’m sure the rest of the stiffness are disappearing as well. In due time.
          One has to give every change the time it needs. Sometimes it takes minutes – sometimes mounths depending on what it is.
          Recently I also started to meditate. Have found a couple of 15 minutes videos on youtube with guidance and soft music. Nice. But I still fall asleep almost everytime. Perhaps because I do it in bed late in the evening. Hehehehe….
          But I think it’s good for me. I probably need the fall asleep part as well… for the time being…
          And the last couple of days I also do it in the mornings, as soon as I’m awake, in bed.
          IPad can really be a good tool for everything – and I don’t think of Facebook here…..
          Well! Time to get out of bed! Hope you’ll have a wonderful day… Or evening… whatever clock time you have…
          With love!

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          1. Ninna – we think very much the same way about this journey with painful bodies. I do what I can when I can and am grateful for that. I also have stopped putting my friends’ feelings first. If my friend doesn’t understand why talking on the phone is painful for me and she is upset I don’t call her, that is her burden not mine. She won’t stay in touch by email, why should I put myself in pain to stay in touch with her?

            Meditation is good as is sitting with deep breathing (maybe they are the same thing!) i’m going to try it at bedtime 😀

            Take care and wishes for better dats in your future.


          2. I understand perfectly what you mean by staying in contact by phone or by mail. Maybe not a physical pain, but there are are times you just can’t neither want to talk. Mail and sms you answer when you can. Not the same pressure to answer when the caller wants to talk!
            I think we have to be selfish, and respect our own feelings. That’s the way our inner being is talking to us, and not the same as being rude or mean to anyone. It’s being true to yourself

            By meditation I mean just that. Sitting quiet and focus on the breathing. Stopping the thoughts and get calm and peaceful. I havn’t done it for particularly long time yet, but it is said to make wonders. But that can take months. Though considering for how long I have been filled with stress and bad feelings and negative thoughts and fear, that is understandable. It’s a huge “ship” to turn into another direction.

            This is turning into a “deep” conversation. Can I write you a mail instead? Can I use the mailadress that is shown on wordpress?


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