Chili, tomato & coconut soup

I’ve started to cook again! A little more than the easiest and quickest. And therefore I revived “Small Kitchen”.
But I realized today that I do most of the cooking on weekends when I’m not at work. Maybe not so surprising…
And… hold on to something now… I still often cook lentilsoups…
Still! Hope you’ll enjoy when I start with “The usual”

Small Kitchen

And red lentils of course…chilitomato

So at last I seem to wake up again from my… whatever…. and started to cook a little more proper again!
And the first course I post here is a RED LENTILSOUP!!!!! Am I crazy or am I crazy? Haven’t I made enough red lentil soups already????

OMG!!!!!!!!  And oh gosh….
But admit they are really tasty and full-filling, and so easy to cook! I think I’ll never get tired of red lentilsoups!

You can take any amount of ingredients as you wish.
1/2 to 1 deciliter unboiled dried red lentils per servings, which you thoroughly rinse under streaming water, while you at the same time let a kettle of water heat up until boiling.

Then you gently fry some butter with chopped garlic, finely sliced onion and some red curry paste, add a squeeze of tomato paste, stir for a while until the butter takes a…

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4 thoughts on “Chili, tomato & coconut soup”

  1. SOUP! I’ve only made soup once in my life but I will be sure to make this soup as it sounds lovely! How easy is it to make as a person only just getting into cooking?


    1. Hi! Soup can be the easiest ever to cook!
      You can have anything you like in it, and as much or less of it as you want.

      The easiest: Start with a nice broth, chicken broth f.ex. For 2 servings about 5-6 deciliter. Make it to boil and add about 1,5 dl rinsed red lentils. I think that’s a little more than half a cup in american cooking.
      When the lentils are soft – add more water if you think it’s too thick, add what vegetables you like. Tomatoes and fresh spinach are delicious! At last spice it to taste.
      At “my” cafeteria they often spice the lentil soups with onion and fresh thyme. And they use a vegetable broth.

      If you browse my blog https://smallkitchennotime.wordpress.com you’ll find many more variations of lentil soup. And at least some of them have more detailed recipes.

      And at the end – when knowing the basis of soup cooking, it’s only fantasy you’ll need!

      You can do it! Of that I’m sure!


    1. I must admit, I have never thought of it as an unusual combination of tastes. Maybe because I’ve letting me be inspired by thai cooking for a long time now, maybe because I mostly experiment while cooking.

      Long long time since I throw the recipe books away (literarily speaking), so very rarely I use any prewritten recipes.
      To and fro I watch cooking programs etc. on the telly, and let myself be inspired, but thats all.


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