Twice the stone age



New Years Day 2009 – a most beautiful day! A lovely winter on the whole, with almost no snow (it was cold though), but the next two winters it looked like we lived by the North Pole.

This place is situated by the sea just north of my city. Here is mostly stones and cliffs and rough nature. Very beautiful indeed! It’s called “Skallaberget” or short: “Skallen”

“Skalle” means head, and is more of a slang expression. The proper word is “huvud”. And “berget” means the mountain. Well it’s maybe not a proper mountain in this case. Cliffs – more or less steep!

Hence “The Head mountain” or “The Head”. I wonder why it’s called that….


What slang expressions for “head” do you have in english?
I found the word “nut” as an informal word. I also found the word “Skull” which resembles very much to “Skalle”. There is one example of how closely related English and Swedish actually are to each other as Germanic languages.

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