She came rolling from the sea…

I KNOW I KNOW! These photos are absolutely LOUSY!
Partly due to the camera, partly to the Photographer.
But mostly to the photographers stupid thinking about making the photos smaller and save space on the hard drive.
Had a PC at that time… (YES! That is explaining enough… )

Luckily the photographer have become at least a little bit wiser since then

This heavy squall with both rain and hail included, occurred almost to the day 6 years ago. I was house sitting a friends summer cottage by the sea, and the clock was close to 9 PM when these clouds appeared as from nowhere. Or maybe like a raging devil from hell riding over the sky…
I mean! It wasn’t raining cats and dogs here! Rather lions and mad grizzly bears!

Odd enough, I can’t recall if there also was thunder, but if so – I reckon I would have caught at least some of the lightnings on at least one or two of the photos – and I have about twice as many still in a folder – but there are no signs at all of any lightning on neither of them. The memory just recalls the huge wet raindrops and the head-pounding oversized hail bullets.

During this spectacular and fascinating hour the rain and hail fall lasted, I also for the first time met the neighbor, a young women, a painter, and we became friends. Kept om seeing each other once in a while, visiting some art museums outside the city, and of course – talked a lot. But then she moved to Stockholm and as often can be – too long distance and very different lives – we lost contact.

And please don’t look at the pictures one by one in the slider. I feel a bit ashamed over the bad quality. Oh! You have done that already, have you… (sighing)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of nature

10 thoughts on “She came rolling from the sea…

  1. I think they’re awesome!!!


    1. Thank you, Martha! Yes I agree when it comes to the motives, but the technical issues are awful. 😳
      But I’ve learnt from my mistakes and that’s good. A bit pity for the photos though.

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  2. This is a good photo set, the orange horizon as a backdrop to the cloudy sky is awesome! It’s the composition, not the size that matters. 🙂


    1. Thanks! It was amazing to see the light of the sunset contrasting to the heavy clouds. At first just bright light, then it was all dark, rain and hail bat its way to earth, and towards the end of this hour this intense orange pink sky.
      At last – the fresh calmness

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  3. Lousy ?!?! What the heck are you talking about. I can literally feel them rolling in with their heavy doom. The colors and streams of whiter clouds on massive gray thunderheads only adds to the intensity. I love a lashing storm but bpnot the damage to humans and homes.


    1. It’s the technical I mean. I decreased the file size way too much once upon a time some years ago. (Very stupid of me, but I didn’t know better then.)
      By this I mean I didn’t just crop them – I reduced them from approx. 2500 px width to approx. 750 px, so it’s impossible to get them sharp and nice when making them larger again!
      When making them larger from where they are now, gives them a grainy appearance which is not intended. Looking at them small as they appear on a PC/Mac or smaller device, they are okay, even nice. I think so too! Thats why I published them!
      You can see what I mean if you click on them so they appear in that slide-show.
      By the way! Thank you!!!! So very much!

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  4. They are amazing. Love the song too.


    1. Thank you, Raewyn. I too like that song. And Blues Brothers.


  5. Nice!



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