And everything isn’t easy! Like trying to explain things about Churches. It’s symmetry in the building though. At least outside on the front. And I’ve been nervous for hours now what to write about it

churchSo… what is it to be nervous about then? Well! There are so many different kind of Churches. And in the US, for example, there are many many more. Which is which and what is what? NAMES!!!!!!

I won’t go into that.

Sweden is, historically speaking, a christian, protestantic country. Lutheran. (But of course, people with other religions lives here nowadays as well.)
When it comes to christianity, there are “The Swedish church” as many of us was born into (so to speak), but also Pentecostal and other “free” Churches. (Free from the Swedish Church??? I guess so.) (…and I might be very wrong…)

This church was built in 1865 (that’s a true fact) and for many a year it was an Evangelical Church. (Missions-församling). And it still is, as I understand it, but last year they changed the name to The Church of Immanuel, (which is hebrew and means “God with us”).

If you look at the middle of the church building… those 3 + 3 windows… Yes, the huge ones… Behind those windows, all of them, was the original church-room. Absolutely enormous! But in 1985 was made a vast renovation of the building, and one thing they did, was to cut the church-room into two. A roof/floor was built between the upper and the lower windows.

This photo I borrowed from the Internet…. Don’t know who is the photographer..

So now the church-room has the upper half, and the cafeteria the lower. Or maybe the church has the upper three-quarter…

In the front where the altar can’t be seen, you can see a big gray frame. Thats a marker af an enormous altarpiece, which was covering the wall all the way down. Also where the cafeteria is now.
NOW! Hidden inside the wall. Preserved – but never seen. Pity! I’ve seen a postcard with the whole altarpiece, it’s really amazing, but when I tried to find a picture of it on the Internet – I failed.

Why oh my oh why have I posted a picture of a church I can’t even describe properly? (In English that is. In Swedish I can do better.)
1.) It has SYMMETRY!
2.) I spend my days here. At least a couple of hours, 4-5 days a week. 
Doing what?
Media! Posters, flyers, a small “newsmagazine” 4 times a year, and some other paper works. I love it! Usually I sit in the cafeteria – which you have seen pictures from now and then – and most of my friends I meet here. I’m a bit sorry I can’t be here all day, 5 days a week though….

And down below! Just a few of my cafeteria-pictures. Edited. Of course!
I am me! All of myself!
And now I’ve earned some chocolate!!!! I NEED some CHOCOLATE!!!!

I don’t have any chocolate… 😦

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

I found it! This is it!!!!
A photo of the old altarpiece from 1865!

The new floor/roof is where Jesus’ knees are! I’ve been told.


18 thoughts on “Not everything is symmetric

  1. Ninna, this is fabulous! You are so fortunate to be able to spend time every day there. I can’t explain all our churcges and religions either!! Love the outside, inside, altar. Now I have here and your sunroom to think of you. Are you moved back home yet?


    1. Thank you, Sammy! Yes it is a loveable place to be in. Something in the air… 😇
      I had in mind to write more about it, but it was too difficult in a way. It wouldn’t have been particularly easy to write an article about it in Swedish either, but at least I would have been writing in my own language then. This post took me almost 3 hours to write. Including searching pictures. 😳

      I’ve been home since christmas. But the bathroom wasn’t ready then. It was just like a black hole in the wall, and the only thing in there was the toilet. Temporarily put there. I had too sit carefully. In midst january it was fairly ready and yesterday – after two weeks of waiting – the last paintwork was done. Those tiny spots on the roof which had been messed up while putting up the tiles on the walls, and the radiator.

      I went back to work jan 12 after the flu. Slowly feeling better but am still very tired in the afternoons and evening. Now mixed with the tireness from working out a bit at the physiotherapist mondays. But that is a good tired feeling!

      Though I want my head and mind back as well as the body! Can’t quite cope with work that involves a lot of thinking, and I miss my sharp, easy thinking thoughts.

      But it can’t be too bad since I wrote this at 7 AM, I guess. And still in bed…
      But now it’s time to rise and shine. Breakfast is awaiting and then todays work.
      Thank you, Sammy! I’ll be back to you soon!


      1. I had the flu in Dec and still feel a bit of after-effects; those bugs don’t want to leave our warm bodies!

        I love that you write even though it’s a challenge and you hear your inner critic. We’re all pulling on that oar 😋


        1. I want to at least try to keep up the writing skills, but I’ve been very tired lately. Much to do at work, and very dull weather. Luckily there’ll soon be spring again. At least I hope so.

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    1. I don’t think the photo was sold. That one of the altarpiece I mean. After long time googling I found a page with some old pictures from this town.
      In the cafeteria we have postcards with the motif, and maybe it would have been better if I had taken a photo of the card. At least it had been bigger

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        1. 😀
          I have lots and lots of photos of that church, but it’s difficult ta get good ones. In a way it’s too big, the big church room I mean. The windows are huge so the light coming in from them makes it hard. Even when the electric lights are on, the daylight can disturb. Not always light/shades appears in a good way.

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          1. Yes! Since the windows upstairs are so huge, they “take over” if you want to take a photo showing them. With a better camera than mine, it might be less of a problem. There are also two big windows at the opposite wall, where the altar is.
            But you can take good pictures in between, not facing either of the windows. But there are no interesting motifs there.


          2. oh – and well I looked at this image a bit more and I love the stonework too – even the cars not he street give it a contemporary feel and add something – hm
            well I hope you have a great rest of your sunday


          3. so are you!! and I enjoyed our little blog chat 🙂
            I am getting ready to go and see my mom down in FL so I will be off the blog grid for a couple weeks – and so I look forward to checking in later in March – ❤


          4. I really do hope you’ll have a good time!

            I’m quite mad here now. I spent a couple of hours on making a post to this weeks photo challenge, and the link doesn’t show on WPs site! It’s been almost an hour now.

            And recently I discovered I no longer am an “awesome blog using -°hemes name°”; – blogs I follow are unfollowed (not by me) – and that’s only the some of the irritating issues on WP lately
            WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON WORDPRESS! Turning this into! (With I work with now and then and don’t like all

            Don’t mind my burst out. Just have a lovely time with your mom.

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          5. well I actually appreciate your sharing – and I read that where you wrote it somewhere else about how this is like the .org – and I have no experience with that but I did find it interesting.
            and changes are always hard – and especially if they have glitches and problems –
            but take it in stride – I know that is easier said than done – but try and see the bigger picture – which is that you should not let it rob your joy or pull from your blogging – so remember “this will pass” and it ail get smoothed out – (well hopefully – lol)


          6. Of course, you’re right! When you look at the whole picture, one gets used to it and I know that very well.
            But many if these changes makes the work more complicated and time consuming!

            I have a couple of blogs I manage, not only those of my own, so therefore it irritates me. Perhaps more than for those who only have one personal blog.
            Okay! I’ll get used to it, eventually! 😉

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          7. 🙂 but even with that said – I know how it can drain…

            have a great rest of February and be in touch later art ninja….


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