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I’ve been lacking energy lately. Not tired in the sense I’ve been sleeping too little, just didn’t manage to make some extra effort out of what I have to do during the daily work. I’ve hardly cooked any food, was shopping food in the weekend, and the flat now look like a total mess. I had decided to be cleaning up today, but had great difficulties in forcing me to do so.

Well okay and all right! It’s still winter and there’s a fierce blizzard is walking all over Sweden, luckily not here. Here it’s just a storm.

Some time ago I switched off the photo stream between my devices. My photos was in such a mess. Just like me, in other words.
As time kept on passing by, I realized I missed having photos on the iPad. To be more correct – I missed my ever-going-on photo editing on the pixlr-app on the iPad. Well, I hadn’t been doing much photo-editing at all!!!

And kept on being more and more drained of energy – a coincidence?

However! After actually have done some domestic work today, (how extra-ordinary) I switched on the photo stream again. Only between the Mac and the iPad though.
Not one single one photo flew over – thats how long since I took any new photos! More than 30 days!

So I had to take at least one. Just to put it to test! Had to make sure everything was functioning as it was supposed to! With the iPad. With its new enhanced possibilities.
Opened the app… and started to play around with filters and colors and fantasy and feelings!

It was wonderful! I kind of felt how new energy started to flow in my veins! I forgot all about time and other matters and just kept on creating!


And now! One photo! I took ONE photo only!
One photo alone -and made five different creations!
So how on earth can this be… SMALL? When it’s… HUGE!!!

AND here is one of them – “The bird-cave”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


13 thoughts on “Small-talk”

    1. Yeah! So it is! Winter with cold and darkness really makes you feel down. And that’s not the only thing that can affect you


  1. Good you’re back on track! All the grey’s and winds and darkness really gets you down. My energy is not exactly flowing either. But – the ligh will soon be back and your photos already are!


    1. Thank you Leya! Gray dark cold winter but also other things have implicated me. yack….
      It’s really wonderful to see it’s getting lighter each day, and soon the spring will be here again


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