Yet another old picture. This one from March 4, 2008.
As I remember, it was quite cold that winter but not much snow. I used to bike to the seashore and walked both along the actual beach, as well as followed the narrow paths farther away from the water line.

I very much enjoy the seashore. In the winter and early spring when it’s mostly empty. Autumn days can be ravishing, but during summer – I don’t like it at all.

It’s crowded. There are people. Tourists. Cars. Restaurants. Cafeterias. Golf lanes. Mini golf lanes. Camping and caravan places. Huge ones! With big restaurants and all. People. More people. Children. Mini houses owned by millionaires. Ice-cream sellers. Italian-ice-cream sellers. Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Sand. Cars. More cars. Screaming kids. Barking dogs (once in a while). People walking in the middle of the road. Laughters. The smell of grilled meat, beer, waffles….. crowded…

Between midst of june to midst of august I avoid this particular area. It’s rather big, but the amount of people coming here is huge.

There are other beaches surrounding this city, a little bit further away from where I live. Quite manageable reaching by bike though, and since those areas are even bigger than this one, you can – if you know your ways – find a spot here and there offering some solitude.

But of course – also with tourists… tourists… tourists… So you won’t find me there at that time of year.
I go biking elsewhere… I prefer calmness and serenity…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity


31 thoughts on “Off season by the sea

    1. I think also early spring. It’s getting lighter and the sun warms a little bit more each day that passes by. Colors return and it smells wonderful!


  1. Jag håller med. Jag gillar inte heller överbefolkade stränder. Det är mycket trivsammare att gå där när det inte är så mycket människor.


  2. Ninna – did you touch up this photo or use a special lens?. The greens and blues – especially the color that cottage – are quite unusual and simply stunning. One of my favorites since I’ve been following you 💖


    1. I always do at least something with my pictures. Sometimes very little, and other times quite obvious.
      So yes! I have done a bit of touch up. A little more saturation, a couple of different filters, my favorit frame which I find in a way “deepens” the picture.
      But I never plan in advance, and I forget immediately witch filters etc I use.
      I’ve tried to make notes of what I do, but that disturbs me and I lose the flow I have
      Thank you so much for your kind words, Sammy! 😀
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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    2. This photo I have not “played around with” much at all. The house has this dark green-turquoise color in real life! I have only made this picture a little more saturated… well… almost only that… O_o

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  3. Love these photos, and I like how the clouds look on these shots — adds a punch of fun and makes me smile. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Yvette! I almost get a bit scared when I realize I’ve lived in this town for nine years now. What happened? And why did it happen so quickly?

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      1. oh I know exactly what you mean – nine years – nine hours! lol
        and in some ways I would like to go back to hat year of 2008 – but it’s all good… 🙂 ha!


        1. I don’t want to go back to 2008, not to any time earlier in my life! Sometimes I don’t even want to be here now! hehe…
          On the other hand, in this town I’ve grown as a writer and it’s here I’ve started to make pictures…
          Hopefully that will grow on me even more.

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          1. well I hear you on that too – and I know you are a person of strong faith and you also know that God has left you here right now for this exact time and for the purposes he has for your life. and also, this is not our true home and so feeling displaced is sometimes expected – and we make the most of it – while appreciating the gift of life, but also know that one day He will embrace us in his arms and say “welcome home” ahhhhh
            and I am glad you have grown as a writer and artist – sound alike that town is yet another “God appointment” 🙂


          2. Oh you’re so right! I know all (?) about that. But sometimes it’s hard to let yourself just rest in God. After all, we are human beings lacking sufficient knowledge, and we do mistakes. Including not seeing what actually is going on.
            (We often think we know more than we actually do)

            But I try to remind myself that I’m on the right track, and I feel it when I do these things I’m meant to do. Using the gifts I’m given.
            While other times I just long for the other life, the real life.
            I have given myself a year. A year to gather and chose among, my pictures. Make something of them, print, edit, paint on, frame them and then show them at our galleria.

            Frames, however, can be quite expensive, and so can the printing costs be. And other economical earthly issues tells me I shouldn’t hurry too much.

            Meanwhile I also make posters etc for my church, and I’m getting so much positive feed back on what I do so I’m quite overwhelmed.
            Yes! I’m on the right place now.

            (But I still don’t feel at home in the city. Have got new friends though.)

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          3. well first – to reply to the part about
            “we are human beings lacking sufficient knowledge, and we do mistakes” – I hear ya amiga – and that is why I am extra grateful for the holy spirit – the gift of the holy spirit as our counselor, guide, comforter, and whew – the older I get the more I realize it all comes down to tapping into that gift!! ❤ ❤
            and you and I have a lot in common with our faith (I think so at least).

            and I know what you mean about the prints – whew – you would think prices would have gone done with all the tech we have – but posters and prints are still way high. and for frames, I know a few artists who go to thrift stores and buy frames -and they find some decent ones. One lady paints all of hers white and they look so good.
            anyhow, and I guess this ties into the first part – I have also seen how God provides again and again – (jehovah Jireh – the lord will and does provide) and so do not ever forget that not one detail is out of his control. he knows th encumber of hairs on our head and he knows what we need to get all things going and any limits or lack of resources are something he is well aware of – and can and will work out – I am sure you know that because you have mature faith – but it does help to remember again and again – that he knows th encumber of hairs on our head and I believe that even with free will he knows the future as clear as we know the past – and that is something to fully rest in… ahhhh ❤


          4. Yes! The holy spirit! Who keeps on telling us, showing us, gently pushing us in the right direction. And if I don’t hear anything – it’s because I’m not listening. If I don’t see anything – it’s because I’m not looking.
            Yes! The older I get, the more I realize this. And the more I realize it, the more I take it for granted – the more I get.
            To take for granted and thank the Lord for all you get in life, be sure of that everything is for the good – even when it doesn’t in the moment fell good – is the best thing we can do. Thanking for being provided with all you need – not necessary what you think you want – and than be open for where God leads you.

            And now I’m here and don’t have a clue to where to go next. I have of course a hint that it has to do with creativity, but exactly what, where and when I have absolutely no idea.
            I already have decided to go to Second Hand shops to look for frames. There are lots of old, already framed paintings and photos to buy at low cosst. Then paint the frames or otherwise make them fit my pictures – yes. And I don’t necessarily need to keep the old painting…

            I guess everything will be alright. In due time…

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