Off season by the sea

Yet another old picture. This one from March 4, 2008.
As I remember, it was quite cold that winter but not much snow. I used to bike to the seashore and walked both along the actual beach, as well as followed the narrow paths farther away from the water line.

I very much enjoy the seashore. In the winter and early spring when it’s mostly empty. Autumn days can be ravishing, but during summer – I don’t like it at all.

It’s crowded. There are people. Tourists. Cars. Restaurants. Cafeterias. Golf lanes. Mini golf lanes. Camping and caravan places. Huge ones! With big restaurants and all. People. More people. Children. Mini houses owned by millionaires. Ice-cream sellers. Italian-ice-cream sellers. Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Sand. Cars. More cars. Screaming kids. Barking dogs (once in a while). People walking in the middle of the road. Laughters. The smell of grilled meat, beer, waffles….. crowded…

Between midst of june to midst of august I avoid this particular area. It’s rather big, but the amount of people coming here is huge.

There are other beaches surrounding this city, a little bit further away from where I live. Quite manageable reaching by bike though, and since those areas are even bigger than this one, you can – if you know your ways – find a spot here and there offering some solitude.

But of course – also with tourists… tourists… tourists… So you won’t find me there at that time of year.
I go biking elsewhere… I prefer calmness and serenity…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

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