dream girl, dream

the most absent-minded thing you can do
must be to search for your cellphone
while talking to someone
– on the very same phone…

or maybe searching for your specs
with two pairs on your forehead
and the third on your nose
– and don’t notice them at all…

I do the dishes
listen to Billy Holiday
and dream about big things to do
writing that novel
making those pictures
– and keep myself on the go…

… dreaming of…
finding a man to love
that don’t mind
a rose who once in a while
get lost in her thoughts…


6 thoughts on “dream girl, dream

  1. That’s cute! I’m a bit spacey myself. Maybe I can help you find someone.


    1. Oh! You’re ever so nice! 😀


  2. Oh, Ninna, lovely and hopeful and wry humor in humanity -all accompanied by betautiful clouds!


    1. Well!! You know, Sammy dear! With my feet on the earth and my head above in the sky… 😉

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  3. vastlycurious.com 16 Jan 2015 — 1:58 AM

    I did that once 🙂


    1. You did what, Kathryn? hehe…


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