… in the middle of the dark, cold and windy winter.
They will come back, you know, the hot sweaty summer days by the sea.
So dream on! 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


17 thoughts on “Just a small reminder…

      1. oh how cool – and this photo is really a personal fav – not sure why – like it is a sea shot – but the calm sea is so quiet and it becomes about the access to that sea – or just inviting —- and then the color I like — etc. 🙂


        1. Those calm days are very uncommon here on the west coast. It’s not a question weather it’s blowing or not, the question is if it is blowing a lot or just a little. And these days – I mean years – it seems to occur more of those fierce storms. Not only in the winter
          So, extra nice with a calm day once in a while!


    1. På ett sätt skulle jag aldrig plockat fram den och lagt in den på bloggen – jag längtar ännu mer efter värmen och ljuset nu!


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