I haven’t been photographing much lately. Except for documenting the progress of my bathroom renovation. That I have done. No fun pictures, but some of them can be seen on my Swedish blog.

For the time being I feel most of life is just a big shadow. The weather is awful. There is now snow, which it should be in january – though I also enjoy that, no nasty slippery roads to walk or bike on – but it makes life darker. Instead there is almost only cloudy days, with quite severe rains and harsh storms.
Not exactly a weather to bike in…

The flu I suffered from finally went somewhere else. To the south pole perhaps. But it left me with a tiresome pain in the back. Partly that can have been of my own doing. A week or so ago I started to treat myself with reflexology, and I might have put a bit too much effort in that.

On the other hand, it’s good that the body reacts to the treatment, that means it’s working. So I have to keep on doing it, but maybe be a little more gentle.

And tomorrow I’ll go to work again. That’s nice though! Meeting people, talking, having coffee together and maybe even getting a hug. I need hugs…

blues2So what about the picture? Well! Nothing really. I browsed my oldies and choose this one from early mars 2008.
The sun is caressing my back and from north comes a huge dark cloud promising stormy weather.
But I can’t remember now, if I managed to get home before the rain was pouring down.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

16 thoughts on “Light and dark in progress

    1. Hehe… jag la först in fel bild…. inte bara ljus och mörker in progress… man får ju vrida till verkligheten lite också om man vill ha nån effekt.
      hade väl för bråttom eller nåt

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      1. Nej, det är ljust mellan klockan tio och halv tre ungefär. Men det är ju inte så många timmar. Dock har det ju vänt nu så vi går mot ljusare tider, även om det går långsamt i början.


  1. 😊 I’m thinking you would have remembered it if you’d been caught in the storm that was surely on its way! A lovely shot that illustrates the challenge beautifully. Glad you’re feeling better!


    1. Maybe, but I think not. Home, was in the direction into the clouds. But there are so many things I’ve forgotten about that time period (3 years) and I prefer not to remember.
      I think I’ve accepted, dealt with it, and gone further in life since then.


  2. I love this picture primarily for the contrasting light. My favorite lighting conditions are a bit of sun with dark clouds. It seems to fit my being.
    I hope you get lots of hugs, and continue to feel better 🙂


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