Light and dark in progress

I haven’t been photographing much lately. Except for documenting the progress of my bathroom renovation. That I have done. No fun pictures, but some of them can be seen on my Swedish blog.

For the time being I feel most of life is just a big shadow. The weather is awful. There is now snow, which it should be in january – though I also enjoy that, no nasty slippery roads to walk or bike on – but it makes life darker. Instead there is almost only cloudy days, with quite severe rains and harsh storms.
Not exactly a weather to bike in…

The flu I suffered from finally went somewhere else. To the south pole perhaps. But it left me with a tiresome pain in the back. Partly that can have been of my own doing. A week or so ago I started to treat myself with reflexology, and I might have put a bit too much effort in that.

On the other hand, it’s good that the body reacts to the treatment, that means it’s working. So I have to keep on doing it, but maybe be a little more gentle.

And tomorrow I’ll go to work again. That’s nice though! Meeting people, talking, having coffee together and maybe even getting a hug. I need hugs…

blues2So what about the picture? Well! Nothing really. I browsed my oldies and choose this one from early mars 2008.
The sun is caressing my back and from north comes a huge dark cloud promising stormy weather.
But I can’t remember now, if I managed to get home before the rain was pouring down.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed
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