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I always make new things. Don’t I?
No, not always.

But when it comes to creativity, I often make… do… create… new things.
New themes for the blogs.
New pictures.
Writing new stuff.
Redecorate my home.
Not so often buying new clothes. I’m a Second hand rose…

There are those who think I’m just a worried soul trying to find myself! And they mostly try to put me down for it.

Couldn’t it just be that I’m a creative soul who longs for things to happen? Who likes changes in design and color of things? Who get utterly bored when everything looks the same day after day?
Year after year…

I still love colors, many colors, clear colors! But I also take in more white in my life. I suppose that means something.

I’m redecorating at home.
No! I haven’t bought a lot of things.

I’m getting my bathroom fixed after the mold and it will be mostly in white, but with a dark gray floor – anthracite black – and the same stones as a pilar upwards the wall behind the washing commode and the mirror.

I intend to buy some red towels.

And for the rest of it, the only things I’ve bought so far are curtains for my living room – pure white.

I’ve got rid of the heavy dark brown table I had in the kitchen earlier, and when refurnishing the room I strive to make it look as light, big and roomy as possible.

Yes! I go towards light.
On the outside and also – I think – on the inside. I want to be able to breathe! And to feel enlightened. In every sense. Spiritually. Mentally. Bodily. And when it comes to how many items I own.

And of course the blogs. How could I not change appearances of the blogs now and then? After all! That’s a part of who I am!

By the way! It did snow tonight! New, white, fresh snow floated down from the night black sky.
And now it’s melting away under a blue heaven!


Weekly photo challenge: New


16 thoughts on “New!”

    1. I tried to make the car that way, Popping out!
      A real car och then I made the background as if it was a pencil sketch. I laughed at myself when doing that.

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  1. Jag tycker det är roligt att du byter tema på bloggen med jämna mellanrum och självklart vill man ha ombyte om man är en kreativ person 🙂


    1. Tack Eva-Lisa! >:D
      Dom som ska ha saker likadant hela tiden är nog inte min sorts människor riktigt. Även om dom visst kan vara trevliga och så ändå!


  2. Ninja – what a great post – I loved your take on the “you” – and I agree, yes, yes yes to this “a creative soul who longs for things to happen…”

    also, cool way your write about colors and the way the white curtains and other mentions led into the snowfall – so moving (lightly moving – ha – get it “light” ly — 🙂 )


    1. Thanks!
      A bit funny really. I never (or vary rarely) plan ahead what to write. So this about white leading to white in other senses just came to me as I wrote. Naturally.

      My writing teacher always told us to depend on our inner selves. Our subconscious mind knows everything so just let it flow. And I guess I do!


      1. how cool – and yeah, I agree with letting it flow – and I think it was the author louis l’amour who said that no idea ever came when he was planning – it was only when his pen began to move that hew as able to let ideas develop and “unfold” – and for us it is now more the keypad, eh?

        have a great day!


        1. Thanks! 😀
          I have never, not even once, succeded writing something when doing (trying to do) a synopsis in beforehand. Also when it comes to blogposts.

          I get an idea, an image of a person – looks and all – or a scene. Mostly all of this at the same time.
          So I write this “movie”, and than ask myself: what happens next?

          BUT! ONCE! In one of my novels I had a really good start. 40-50 A4-pages I think it was. Then I absolutely knew how the novel would end – so I wrote that. Also some 40-50 A4-pages.
          After that I had absolutely no idea at all what would have happened in between the beginning and the end. Some scenes here and there, some lose treads – but thats all.
          The story still remains that way. *sighing*
          But I’m still alive and kickin’… >:D

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