Express myself? Why? How?

Who am I?
Well that’s the big question, isn’t it!
And the answer?
Depending on who wants to know.

I was actually looking for another image when I stumbled on this one.
So now I’ll only say this, and I’ll only say it once:
More than what first catches the eye…


But… of course I don’t see myself as a car. If anyone wondered…
Not even a red convertible…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express yourself


Off season by the sea

Yet another old picture. This one from March 4, 2008.
As I remember, it was quite cold that winter but not much snow. I used to bike to the seashore and walked both along the actual beach, as well as followed the narrow paths farther away from the water line.

I very much enjoy the seashore. In the winter and early spring when it’s mostly empty. Autumn days can be ravishing, but during summer – I don’t like it at all.

It’s crowded. There are people. Tourists. Cars. Restaurants. Cafeterias. Golf lanes. Mini golf lanes. Camping and caravan places. Huge ones! With big restaurants and all. People. More people. Children. Mini houses owned by millionaires. Ice-cream sellers. Italian-ice-cream sellers. Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Sand. Cars. More cars. Screaming kids. Barking dogs (once in a while). People walking in the middle of the road. Laughters. The smell of grilled meat, beer, waffles….. crowded…

Between midst of june to midst of august I avoid this particular area. It’s rather big, but the amount of people coming here is huge.

There are other beaches surrounding this city, a little bit further away from where I live. Quite manageable reaching by bike though, and since those areas are even bigger than this one, you can – if you know your ways – find a spot here and there offering some solitude.

But of course – also with tourists… tourists… tourists… So you won’t find me there at that time of year.
I go biking elsewhere… I prefer calmness and serenity…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

dream girl, dream

the most absent-minded thing you can do
must be to search for your cellphone
while talking to someone
– on the very same phone…

or maybe searching for your specs
with two pairs on your forehead
and the third on your nose
– and don’t notice them at all…

I do the dishes
listen to Billy Holiday
and dream about big things to do
writing that novel
making those pictures
– and keep myself on the go…

… dreaming of…
finding a man to love
that don’t mind
a rose who once in a while
get lost in her thoughts…

To the open sea

I promised some more summer-and-beach pictures….
just slightly altered…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed 

Just a small reminder…

… in the middle of the dark, cold and windy winter.
They will come back, you know, the hot sweaty summer days by the sea.
So dream on! 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Sunset in august

Isn’t it silent monday today?
Good! So, let the picture speak for itself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Light and dark in progress

I haven’t been photographing much lately. Except for documenting the progress of my bathroom renovation. That I have done. No fun pictures, but some of them can be seen on my Swedish blog.

For the time being I feel most of life is just a big shadow. The weather is awful. There is now snow, which it should be in january – though I also enjoy that, no nasty slippery roads to walk or bike on – but it makes life darker. Instead there is almost only cloudy days, with quite severe rains and harsh storms.
Not exactly a weather to bike in…

The flu I suffered from finally went somewhere else. To the south pole perhaps. But it left me with a tiresome pain in the back. Partly that can have been of my own doing. A week or so ago I started to treat myself with reflexology, and I might have put a bit too much effort in that.

On the other hand, it’s good that the body reacts to the treatment, that means it’s working. So I have to keep on doing it, but maybe be a little more gentle.

And tomorrow I’ll go to work again. That’s nice though! Meeting people, talking, having coffee together and maybe even getting a hug. I need hugs…

blues2So what about the picture? Well! Nothing really. I browsed my oldies and choose this one from early mars 2008.
The sun is caressing my back and from north comes a huge dark cloud promising stormy weather.
But I can’t remember now, if I managed to get home before the rain was pouring down.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed



I always make new things. Don’t I?
No, not always.

But when it comes to creativity, I often make… do… create… new things.
New themes for the blogs.
New pictures.
Writing new stuff.
Redecorate my home.
Not so often buying new clothes. I’m a Second hand rose…

There are those who think I’m just a worried soul trying to find myself! And they mostly try to put me down for it.

Couldn’t it just be that I’m a creative soul who longs for things to happen? Who likes changes in design and color of things? Who get utterly bored when everything looks the same day after day?
Year after year…

I still love colors, many colors, clear colors! But I also take in more white in my life. I suppose that means something.

I’m redecorating at home.
No! I haven’t bought a lot of things.

I’m getting my bathroom fixed after the mold and it will be mostly in white, but with a dark gray floor – anthracite black – and the same stones as a pilar upwards the wall behind the washing commode and the mirror.

I intend to buy some red towels.

And for the rest of it, the only things I’ve bought so far are curtains for my living room – pure white.

I’ve got rid of the heavy dark brown table I had in the kitchen earlier, and when refurnishing the room I strive to make it look as light, big and roomy as possible.

Yes! I go towards light.
On the outside and also – I think – on the inside. I want to be able to breathe! And to feel enlightened. In every sense. Spiritually. Mentally. Bodily. And when it comes to how many items I own.

And of course the blogs. How could I not change appearances of the blogs now and then? After all! That’s a part of who I am!

By the way! It did snow tonight! New, white, fresh snow floated down from the night black sky.
And now it’s melting away under a blue heaven!

Weekly photo challenge: New

Better late than never…

Been out in the cold, so to speak. Been having a cold that is. A nasty, a bit too extended cold, in my opinion. And my kitchen was overfloading with garlic and lemon juice and chili… apropos garlic and chili! How about something warm and spicy? A tomato and chili soup? I love it. The cold hates it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth