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Home again – and cooking! A little of it anyway!

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I fancied something different for afternoon tea today, that is – not a cake. Not today. Since I’ve been forced away from home for two and a half months due to a leakage in my bathroom and mold, now when I’m home again at last I really wanted to make something other than the usual micro oven made easy to do cake..

Not that this treat is difficult to make. Not at all!


You need this for two servings:

2 medium sized apples – preferable those crisp, juicy, a bit tart apples.
Peel them and cut into about half an inch big pieces. (1 to 2 cm) Make some smaller and some a little bigger. Put the pieces in a pan and add water till just above the apple level.

A handfull of dried plums – without stones!
Cut them in small pieces and blend with the apple.

Add a big tablespoon of honey

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Compote”

  1. Hi my dear Ninna! I just looked for 5 minutes for our last email trail and it’s missing. I am getting WP alerts again and it is overwhelming me. I hope you still have it? Miss you, glad to see you here cooking again!


    1. Oh, things get lost sometimes! I have it, I’ll send you a mail.
      Everyone on wp have noticed you’re back again and is happy for you. And so am I.
      Well I’m not particularly busy with cooking. My back is killing me and I put the effort I have to get my flat in order again. And that takes time! No doubt!


      1. Yes I am back in the NL for now. Back to the USA on 1/5 to carry on. Godfried is very ill and I want to be here to help after surgery but I cannot. I am happy in the moment but I was wondering about your back and thats why I wanted to read the email. Happy New Year Dear one!


        1. I’ve read your posts, sorry I’m so bad in commenting on posts. That can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes.

          My back is stiff as a board, but I’ve read a lot about mold and sicknesses due to mold toxins and bacterias. Frightening reading. I’m so glad it didn’t became worse.
          But it makes sense though! Fibromyalgia + the influence of such toxins can do that. Even common viruses hit ones weakest points.
          Now I guess it’s mostly up two things: detox and time. For me and for my flat. The flat will probably be okay first.
          But I feel a bit more fit now, and that’s a good sign!

          I really wish for you, that 2015 will be a wonderful year and everything will come out for the best. For you and for Godfried!


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