Picture-esque, The city

Ro, ro, ro canoe… 

… gently down the stream…


The original photo to this green yellow view was taken in april 2008. It was way too blurry, I was tempted to delete it at once but couldn’t force me to.
But instead of trying to sharpen the picture to make it “good”, I rather enhanced the blurriness. Sharpening it wouldn’t have done any good anyway.

The stream is passing through my town, and here it’s very near to its mouth and the harbour. It has just barely passed downtown city and in the background is a park belonging to our old castle built during the years 1600-1615 when most of south Sweden belonged to Denmark.

About 2 miles upstream there is a canoe club, and during the 3 years I lived in a flat facing the stream, I could often see people canoeing both downstream and upstream. All year around! Well! Not when there was ice on the surface of course.

I’m very unsure of the proper word for “stream” here. This one is many miles long, not particularly big but not small either. Nothing like a flood, probably not a river, but not as small as a creek. Can anyone help me out here?
Swedish is a difficult language “they” say, and sometimes I agree to that statement. At least when I’m struggling to find the best English word when I write,
In Swedish this size of stream is called an “å” (is pronounced like the first syllable in awesome) and we have quite many of them here in the south. Farther (further?) north we have bigger ones. Those I think is better referred to as rivers. 

Yes, the english language can also be quite puzzling sometimes. I know. I have the App Elevate on my iPad and I always make mistakes when to choose between further and farther… and chose and choose… and…..

And the word “mile” here, isn’t meant to be the swedish “mil” which is the same as 10 kilometers. Nope! I mean mile. 1 mile = 1,61 km

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14 thoughts on “Ro, ro, ro canoe… ”

  1. Lovely interpretation of yellow. Based on size I would call this a river. Steam and brook are often used interchangeably – in the northeast anyway. That said we have a river that goes through our town that is not far from the beginning source so it Is still narrow and looks more like a brook. 🙂


    1. Thank you! And thank you very much explaining about rivers and such. It’s not easy. Not that it is the end of the world not knowing.
      I guess we often use the words we are used to since childhood, and now I started to THINK about it!
      Maybe in this case it’s most appropriate to call it a river. We have four of them in this particular part of Sweden, and I think this one is the most narrow when reaching the coast.


    1. Tack! Lustigt egentligen! Kvalitetsmässigt hörde det här fotot mest hemma i papperskorgen. Så det var kul se att man kunde få till nånting av det.


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