in a yellow-mellow…

…red oldies and goodies


Yes, another picture from my new old folder. From 2008 visiting a small car-museum with lots and lots of cars, and also airplanes at the west coast of Sweden. Well! Maybe not that small museum after all. Just a bit stuffed with wheels.

Everyone is an oldie. And some are really awkward. Wish I had photos of them all! But it’s a pity they all are put together in such a crowd. But many things might have happened at this museum during the years since I visited it. Their homepage is quite alright, but I wish it was more pictures on it. Is it still as crowded as 8 years ago?

One of theese cars is a Karmann Ghia. I had hoped it was the yellow one since this weeks photo challenge is Yellow.
But it’s the red one. I’m pretty sure of that. Almost…

The others? Can’t remember. I knew a bit about cars back then. Models and designs that is, nothing when it came to technique and performances. But I have forgotten most of what I knew in those years. Now I only have a couple of hundred car photos without any data of the car connected.

Such a pity! I still love the design of old cars! They are very beautiful! European as well as american. Especially those from the 40s, 50,s and 60,s

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow
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