Not a question about it

I’ve just created the poster for the next sunday’s sermon, and are now pondering over how to make the poster to next saturday’s weekly musical event.
What kind of image will I use? I don’t have any photo of the persons involved, so how do I express the feeling of the event?

I actually don’t ask for help. It’s a rhetorical question!
I don’t need anyone to help me out here! I don’t feel any anxiety at all over this! On the contrary! I love this pondering while browsing through my photos and images. It’s thrilling in a good way. A tickling challenge which enhances both my work and me, and it lets me fly. Yes! I really do feel good about all of this.

At the time being I’m sitting at home, home and alone. It’s evening and dark outside. All is quiet and I’m working a bit ahead. Mondays posters ready today. That’s nice!
Later on I will browse my short stories, collect the best and start to edit them. Those I aim for first need at least to be altered from past tense to present tense. I know that already. I picked a bunch of short stories yesterday evening. And then…

I say no more…


… except that I love my life! I have a work where I’m using my talents and my gifts, surrounded by wonderful people who I love.
Of all my heart I thank God for this!

Weekly photo Challenge: Converge

6 thoughts on “Not a question about it

  1. i love your work and this is a great poster. 😀


    1. You’re so sweet Raewyn! Thank you! 😃


  2. The poster is amazing.


    1. Thanks! And there is more to it than just this picture. Since it is an information poster there is also “where, when, what and with whom”. But I didn’t want to put in all of that here on the blog. Just the picture – which I’m by the way quite proud of! XD

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      1. It is very nice.


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